Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Tour - Try a Little Seasoning Edition!

Hello everyone! It's that time again... Sunday afternoon (where I am, anyway), and we'll be toodling around town, just in time for snacks! Or maybe not.

Cuz you know what... Family Man's got guts! Really! I kid you not, he's one gutsy guy. Only thing is, they are not his guts, thank the deities! Okay, so there are some other things there too, but still. Add your own yummy stuff!

Duke thinks there is more to last weeks outrageous Latino roundup and detention than meets the eye. Also, lots of crying. :|

Katiebird is still not feeling so hot. She needs chicken soup! And stuff. Get well soon, katie!

Olivia is not letting this Christmas rose get away without showing its all! What a fashion show director photographers have to be sometimes!

[UPDATE!]catnip has made interesting connections (that are freaky, but make sense when you see them all laid out) in The CIA regime! Also, whatever you do, don't get on the bad side of Canadian federal authorities! And the Sunday Food for Thought.

Original James has been on a roll! First, when all else fails, blame the universities! That's what I always do, especially for burned dinners! Oh wait... he's talking about wingnuts. Whoops! Also, he points to a review of a movie about Sophie Scholl, who I just learned about a couple of months ago at dove's site. Very interesting story. And it's been a year since Bush publicly confessed to breaking the law. Will the Dems call him on it? Hmmm! There's more there... go read! And at Jazzy James the new find is the St. Louis Creative Ensemble! Go get it!

XicanoPwr has an evocative, powerful essay about the recent raids and rounding up and detaining of Latin@s in Forgetting Our Place.

Hmmm! Could Deano and Olivia be on the same wavelength?! Christmas roses everywhere! (if that is one, and not some other flower whose name I don't know!)

[UPDATE AGAIN AND MAYBE THE LAST!] Boran says "so long!" early! No, no... not to us. To them! Also, our painting (don't you love how it's ours, even if he 's the one doing all the work?) is coming along nicely! The hills are getting dramatic! And I bet Senator Brownback looks good in stripes. Who knew?

Nezua takes a meme and works his magic on it. Also, he highlights an Oaxaca solidarity march happening in LA! And state administered death... good conversation in comments too.

Buh-Bayh and good riddance, ILJ says! In so many words. Well, as far as running for pres, that is. Also, Democrats take the gavel... and how little historians may have to work with after Bush leaves office.

Our Manny has been writing lots of wonderful things here this past week! Scroll down, scroll down! Don't miss the tamales, and Nuestra Senora and all the rest too! Scroll down!

All Done! I think... if I've forgotten anyone (some haven't updated) just let me know!

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