Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sunday 'Last Petition of the Year" tour!

Also known as the "I hate Google AND Blogger tour", but this is the last day of the year, so no negativity! Or not much, anyway.

AND... as it is the last day of the year, and my last time to do a petition before the end of the year (even though people can keep signing the petition and answering it for days afterwards)... here goes!:

Dear Everyone,

Please say Hi. For Auld Lang Syne! (whatever that is).

Not to put anyone on the spot or anything, but... this includes dove, Ductape, poco, kansas, and all Eegeehoodians, new and old!

If you agree, please sign the petition. Thanks!

Now, on to the tour! We almost didn't have one last Sunday cuz of blogger issues, but luckily James (who has a new location for both Original and Jazzy James - remember to update your bookmarks!) stepped in and moved Sunday to Thursday, thus saving Sunday! Thanks, James!

Look who's back! katiebird, who went DAYS without being firmed, cuz she was sick, is now back in the swing of things and, not unnaturally, thinking about healthcare! For everyone! She's working on a project and will be doing a series of educational events, about healthcare and raising awareness and such. If you're anywhere near Kansas (the state) or even if you are not, go read about it and see if there's a way to help! OR, to start something like this in your own area.

Family Man wants everyone to be safe tonight, so he has some suggestions (I think that washing of the hands thing might catch on all year round!). Also, remember when kids could do the most incredibly crazy things and come out of it without a scratch? What happened!? Nowadays, if you breath on them wrong, if they don't need the ER, they certainly will at least need therapy! ;)

Arcturus is also back! Yay! And in fine form ... poetry - Earth's Winter Song, which may not at first seem quite hopeful... and, as always, lights shining in the dark corners.

[UPDATE!] Duke has some interesting news... it seems that beyond the recent high profile roundups and detentions of Latinos, there have been other smaller incidents happening... and people are starting to question the probable cause, and more! It's just possible that we are still a nation of laws... (but I won't hold my breath on that). Also, American Foreign Legion, anyone?

Boran is saying that there is going to be a surprise in our painting! Maybe. BUT... not until next week! The nerve, I say. Also, don't forget the Art Fair, which I believe is coming up soon! Also, who knew Noah used the Grand Canyon as a wading pool!? Or something like that... go read! (Nostrils of Satan... heh). And while a former President is getting one bye bye... boran is giving him another!

At his place and Mo Betta META, supersoling has posted a beautiful, heartfelt New Year's wish for an old friend. I'm not going to cry, that's all there is too it (well, not til the tour is done). Go read it.

ILJ wants a presidential candidate with foresight... he doesn't ask for much, does he? Also, getting rid of Saddam won't get rid of the memories of complicity.

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Cookies! And no, not ones made of flowers... but little man ones, for the tree! Oh... where? At Olivia's! And also other things that are on her Christmas tree. AND... her beautiful and colorful back garden, including all the plans of what flowers get planted where! No wonder nothing I plant ever grows... who knew you were supposed to plan these things!?

Nezua has a New Years post... including predictions! And thoughts, reflections and end of the year sentiments. Oh man, don't miss Alcoholpyto... read it, watch it and laugh. Okay, I skipped a few things to get to this post, but I just love this idea... reminds me of the time I lugged an old, oddly shaped piece of concrete that had rebar sticking out of it, that pretty much shouted out "paint me!", home one day, smiling at everyone I saw so that they wouldn't think I was unstable (or dangerous). Never did paint it, but I kept it for a long time, lol. Anyway, go look at what Nezua has done in The Surface of a Heart... don't miss the landscapes...on a walnut!!

Love over money... and much more besides. catnip's Sunday Food for Thought is full of things to chew on! (ahem). Also, if you see signs sprouting up here and there demanding that someone "Free the gay sheep!", now you'll know why.

Original James doesn't think a lousy process will produce a good outcome and I can't say I blame him... that usually never works and he tells why. And the Iraq week in review... sigh. Featured at Jazzy James is Herbie Hancock and Foday Musa Suso: Village Life, which I love for the name alone.

Oh, I almost forgot! I hope everyone has a wonderful new year... keep safe tonight, if you go out, cuz we've all got work to do in the new year. I think, even if I don't put all that much space in the Democrats, that we do at least have a small breathing space to recharge, replan, rework and focus. I'm glad all y'all are in our little neighborhood :).

All done! I think... some are still boycotting their blogs. If I missed anyone, let me know!

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