Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More Swift Raid Information

Rallies were held in St. Paul, MN (another MN link) and Loveland, CO. Here's a notice of support for Colorado families:

People who wish to support the Swift workers and families who have been separated and left without income can make a donation payable to "Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church" with "fund for families affected by ICE" in the memo-line. Those donations may be mailed to Our Lady of Peace, Attention: Rev. Bernard Schmitz; 1311 3rd St. Greeley, CO 80631. The church's telephone number is (970) 353-1747. Contributions will go towards emergency rent and food.

» People also may contact El Comite de Longmont at (303) 651-6125.

Finally, the Hispanic National Bar Association weighs in on the racial components blatantly obvious in the operation

The raids conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Tuesday, Dec. 12, were "harsh and unwarranted, especially since they involve hard-working people who show up daily at their jobs," said Jimmie Reyna, national president of the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA), in a statement.

"But the serious concern is the use of police and immigration officials to sort amongst workers and determine upon unknown criteria who is Latino, and then to assume that all persons perceived to be Latinos are illegal," Reyna added.

"Reportedly, 'non-Latinos' and light-skinned employees were provided blue wristbands, which exempted them from questioning, while 'Latinos' -- persons perceived to be of Hispanic or Latino origin -- underwent immigration processing," he charged.


This is a continuation of an earlier post with resources for immigrant families affected by the Swift raids.

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