Friday, December 29, 2006

Swift Raids Still Rattling Markets

Hog prices are down. Good 'ole supply and demand are working their magic. But DON'T WORRY! The human round-up of the Swift plants were designed to have minimal impact on the bottom line profits of the companies involved.

While some have criticized ICE for making the raid just before Christmas, Preisler said producers were fortunate it happened when it did.

"If it had been 90 degrees or 10-below, we would have had losses of pigs in trucks," he said. "There were pigs on trucks for longer periods of time that had to either wait or go other places, and there were pigs that were enroute when farmers found out about this."

McHugh, the spokesman for Greeley, Colo.-based Swift, said that because the raid happened early in the morning, we were able to get in touch with our producers, and a lot of the normal deliveries were either stopped, turned around en route or directed to other processors," he said. "There were no livestock at risk from an animal welfare perspective."


It's official. We treat pigs better than our fellow human beings.

Happy Holidays!

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