Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rainy days and Sundays Tour!

A soggy hello to all! It's that time of the week again, where neither rain, nor sleet, nor closed blinds will keep us from our appointed rounds of peeking in to see what the Eegeehood is up to!

First up... I just have to talk about this one. You see... it's about Olivia, as I bet you well know. Did we complain at petal pr0n? No! We asked for more! Did we balk at bugs? We did not! We drew bees and grasshoppers to our bosoms (or manly chests, of course) and even gazed with friendly eyes on the occasional spider. Except for Manny, but still. Anyway... we are an uncomplaining, affirmative lot in general but then comes along something like... like... well what the heck IS this?! This, I say, goes too far. We cannot love it. Can we? Well, maybe.

Boran says that even in the waning days of Republican congressional control, the EPA is at it again. I guess to squeeze the last little bit of concessions pollution and dirty water out of things before they are forced to follow the law. Also, a wonderful late night muse on inflatable Santas, energy and global responsibility. And don't forget the latest installment on the picture (and the art fair)! It's gaining depth! And toodle loo!

catnip has a Sunday Food for Thought! And it's about dealing with... well, go see. Mind you, she (or someone) is also wondering what you wear to someone's execution. Something I hope I never have to know! Also, 'Change': to Bush it's that stuff that rattles in your pocket. Heh.

[UPDATE!] If you are not familiar with the Great Pepper Plano de la Patria or the Mexican Rummy,you may have missed Nezua, hysterically funny er, I mean heterosexually yours, guest posting at Jesus' General Friday! Also, at home at the Unapologetic Mexican, the 4th installment of The Skin of My Soul, language, stories and much to think about. And how can you resist something with the title of Song of the Seven-Hearted Boy? Quite lovely.

Speaking of language, over where the META is Mo Betta, James has an excellent round up of some of the conversations on racism, sexism, language, big box blogs and so on going on around the blogosphere. Also, a piece I missed last week... Left? What Left? (which is what I ask, too!). Lots of good meta talk going on there, so spread the word!

Also, since we are still talking about language, and this is related to the above roundup, sorta... I actually wrote something! In response to a post about the lack of interest (of some) on the left of condemning derogatory words that affect Native Americans... including one majorly insulting one, R*dsk*n, that is worn by a national football team. Anyway, a conversation going on there too!

[UPDATE AGAIN! MAYBE THE LAST!] Family Man, besides working up the courage to train George (his dog) to perform medical procedures.... (I am not at ALL sure this is a good thing) is reminiscing about Christmas Traditions! And lovely ones they are, too! Maybe share some of your own holiday traditions?

Original James reminds us that today is Human Rights Day! Which should, of course, be every day, but there is nothing wrong at all with a reminder to remember. Also, someone is not getting his vote, no how, no way. Over at Jazzy James' the find is Ted Daniel: Tapestry. I have it on good authority that the Jazzy James site is addictive, so go get hooked!

Gasp, there is Someone Else at Deano's place! And he's got a great, informative post up on Framing Artwork on Paper, which could come in very handy for creative types! And he just put the post up today, I'm sure because he heard about the world-renowned Sunday Tour, don't you think? So go say hi!

ILJ has a Memo To Incoming Congress: Save Our Country, that's very timely! Also, he highlights Jay Lassiter's interview with New Jersey Congressman Donald Payne.!

I didn't forget katiebird this time! Luckily, even tho we didn't visit her last week, she is still being firmed daily! Whew. But she has bronchitis. She needs hugs! Or antibiotics, maybe. Still, she did get in the first installment of an ineteresting series, You on a Diet, the beginning, so we have something to read and talk about it! Besides the being nosy stuff.

All done! I think... if I've forgotten anyone or neglected to add any new people, let me know!

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