Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Sunday! Tour, That Is

Hello, hello, hope everyone has had a good week and weekend, and can't wait for Monday to get here!

Okay, well back to reality... as if! Mondays should have been excised from the calendar long ago, but what can you do? I know! Since it's still Sunday, we can wander around and see what everyone else is up to.

First up, as the town crier/busybody/peeker/public service person, I should tell you that some of youse have been tagged! Yes, indeed... see, deano got tagged with a meme and he wants to share the joy with a few people - the only ones that concern us is...well.. .us! And so, it's my duty to inform Manny and Olivia, you've been tagged! Of course, there is also a new painting of ... well I love the use of the colors and layers and such. Go look!

katiebird is not out of the woods yet! She's tipping over and stuff! She needs hugs and possibly a change in medication, I'd say. Go hug! Also she has a resolution for us to look at, and support, so see if it's something that you feel you can get behind.

Okay, I have another new favorite (to add to my many other favorites) of Olivia's... it's an apparently stinky flower (but luckily smell doesn't come through the screen!), but amazing (to me) composition of light and shadow in the photo... makes me think of a perfume or wine ad, for some reason. And then she shows us its inner bits!

[UPDATE!] catnip thinks someone needs to mind their sources! Of course, that could apply to many people and publications, but in this case there is a lot hanging in the balance. Also, this is not about politicians, but still.. the new morons, same as the old morons. Heh.

I saw this story that Nezua (who has tried to hide his permalinks from me again, but it didn't work!) highlights when it first came out and loved it... hope it does have a happy ending, eventually. Also, part three of his The Haunted Land series is just as lyrical, fascinating and informative as the first two parts, and make for nice Sunday reading!

Arcturus is really back! It's one of those "start at the top and read down" cases, with Divine Strakes and Henry Fonseca and art and poetry and politics and more! Wonderful stuff. Go read!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Original James revisits the case for impeachment that was Cynthia McKinney's last gift to the congress. Just add water! Also, more about Iran, from a different direction. Sigh. Over at Jazzy James... gasp! No new stuff. yet!

Family Man is reminding about the bootrib art fair! You have to go to bootrib to find it though, as the links aren't working or something. Also, he was in a bad mood, but I'm sure he's over it! Can you imagine... Family Man in a bad mood? Does not compute! Hope things settle down, FM!

Well! Boran has an eclectic mix of snow globes and monkey tushes! Top that! Also, our picture is coming along.. it's ready to get shadows! And that's when you know you are real... when you can see your shadow. Well, except on cloudy days, you're still real then too.

All done! I probably missed some folks, but my computer is overheating, sigh... I hate when it does that! Also, I realized that I forgot to sign my own petition last week, and say hi to everyone in the comments, so... Hi! Good to see all the folks we've not seen for a while, and who we miss. Well, and good to see all the folks we do see fairly often, too!

Everyone have a great week :)

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