Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday "Ohh la la!" tour

*peeks cautiously over the window sill" ... Hmmm.

Soothing, easy on the eyes, yet indescribable (cuz I don't know the name of it) color... check. Eegee Board in the corner... check. Familiar names and (type)faces... check. Aha... and the final test... Bud in the house! Check!

*goes to the door and swings it wide open*... Whew! I'm in the right, if newly redecorated, place - and so are you! And, it's time to clatter around town and see who's been naughty or... oh wait, that was last month. And see what everyone is up to! Nosiness, thankfully, takes no holidays and has no seasons!

catnip has more information on the Case of the Canadian Spying Coins Caper! I admit to trying to get rid of Canadian quarters (and US coin dollars) as soon as I get them, because of the confusion, but not because I thought the coins were spying on me! But you know who IS, don't you? Well, besides the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, the lesser known Alphabet organizations, the local police and sheriffs departments and your cable guy? The Pentagon also wants to know where you stand in the Pepsi or Coke, or Mastercard or Visa wars! And probably lots else besides. Also, catnip's Sunday Food for Thought, which you can tell is interesting because it deals with the The I and the Not-I.

Duke highlights more anti immigrant wingnuttery... this time, the Keyboard Vigilantes where, with the click of a self-righteously propelled mouse! they can put someone's life, entire family and/or employment in danger. Also, the border fence boondoggle, where the cost is more than just money.

Family Man has a wonderful poignant and amusing story of his first, bloodied but shaved, step into manhood... and the memories that go along with his father's shaving mug. Go read!

[UPDATE!] Have you been through your trial by fire!? This is what Nezua wants to know! Okay, well what he really wants to do is cut down on spam and hateful comments, so he's got moderation on but is adding addresses of posters to a by-pass type thingy, so go do a test comment and get added! I got sent immediately to spam... story of my life, sigh! Also this, the sinking ship of American illusion, voices some of the thoughts I've had... but, of course, much more eloquently! You've gotta read this one, if just for the horror magazine cover of Malkin alone!

Boran highlights the insanity and hatred just burning through the pockets of anti-immigrant... or really, anti Lation@ forces that apparently even extends to money in A Slice of Racism. Also, our painting is close to completion, which shadows and depth added and just a few finishing touches needed!

Speaking of art, deano has decided to take over the world, and as every revolutionary knows (except for anarchists, who apparently reject having things written down), for that you need a Manifesto! And of course you have to know how to join in! Okay, so maybe it's all more about what the site is about, and how to submit your own pieces (such as the new one there now, Remembering, by Paul Kane), but still. All good info!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] katiebird is still not being firmed daily, as she is toppling over but she's appeared in comments so at least we know she's okay. Hi katie!

XicanoPwr has had the flu, but still manages to put together a great roundup of what's happening now in the recent raids, and personal stories and also actions you can take! Go read!

[UPDATE THE LAST!] Original James has some cautionary words about the collapse of Junior Caligula's (and I bet you can't guess who that is!) presidency, and what we can do about it. Also, an update on Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr, one of those disappeared and tortured by the US government - who has been, thankfully, not shutting up about it.

Arcturus introduces us (if you weren't already familiar) to Ram Narayan, an Indian musician. Also, he notes the passing of Alice Coltrane, an amazing and talented woman, who was also the widow of John Coltrane.

I think that's it... some haven't updated, some haven't checked in... Manny has lots of stuff, though... scroll down, scroll down! Also, a few people have been nominated for various sections of the lefty Koufax awards - I am not going to list them, as without a doubt I will forget some, but congrats to everyone! The Eegeehood is the Best, and so I bestow an award on everyone! I'll figure out what to name it later.

All done!

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