Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday "Where in the World is our Manny?" tour!

Oh me, oh my! I've had the page all to myself ALL WEEK LONG! Okay, well not all to myself, cuz all you guys were on it too, but still! This sounds like a job for the super basset sleuth(hound), Bud!

Where is our Manny!? Okay.... clue #1 - Bud smells coffee in the previous thread... turns out Manny was posting from a coffee shop, cuz his computer was not cooperating and was in for repair!

BUT... that was days ago. Where is he now? We need more hints! Clue #2 - Bud sees bunches of people waving puppets and flags and marching past monuments to old dead guys. By that (and certain postings at BooTrib) we can deduce that Manny was in DC for the anti-war march this weekend! Yay, Manny! And probably we can conclude that he is either on his way home, or is home and still computerless! I hope it's the first thing! Come back soon, Manny!

Whew, now that Bud and I have solved *that* mystery, on with the tour!

Olivia has wavy clouds! For Friday Cloud Blogging, of course... I don't know what pictures others are seeing in those clouds (if any) but with the waves and the darker clouds, it looks to me like the back of some dinosaur disappearing into the forest! What do you think? Also, a peony that is almost all done, and a red rose in its prime!

Original James is donning his Doctor/Professor hat and going on a brief hiatus to prepare a "a presentation for a colloquium over at my alma mater"! (Um, Jazzy James is doing the same.) But before he left, he did an Iraq Week in Review, and also highlighted Oklahoma's Senator's love for the poor! To stay poor, that is.

Deano, the art crit, has a painting of painting! Or paint, anyway. And brushes. Also, he's found an artist online that helps us visualize the threats of global warming! AND, he needs more art! Send him your tired, your poor, your... oh wait. I mean, send him your masterpieces, your sketches, your inner artist yearning to breathe free! He lifts his (gentle, really!) red pen beside the critic's door. Ahem.

[UPDATE!] katiebird is back and is once again being firmed daily! Yay! That should stop all the toppling over. Also, she has a passionate and detailed letter to her congressman! No wiggle room for him there, on healthcare. Welcome back, katie, stay well!

Condos on the rocks! No, no, that's not the name of a new drink (as far as I know, anyway)... that's what boran's next painting will be! It looks like it's going to be a fun one, all those perspectives and things. Also, it looks like the agencies formed to protect us are once again putting us in danger, this time by mishandling biological agents! And at first glance I thought this was some sort of strange dolphin or something.

Guess what!? Peace is still going wild, and is still very pink! Janet has an article and pictures about the Surge Protection Brigade, which is "is committed to escalating nonviolent civil resistance if our government is not responsive to the majority of American voters who want this occupation to end." Excellent!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] At Migra Matters, Duke takes little Tommy Tancredo's call for an end to minority caucuses in Congress and wrings all the spin out! Also, reading between the lines of the Bush SOTU speech!

Nezua has a new diary entry... in Spanish! Practice makes perfect! I need to practice too, as I only understood maybe half of it (it's a good thing it's short!). Speaking of being short, this next piece isn't at all... but it's an excellent dissection of the movie Falling Down (in the new At the Movies With Nezua category!). Good conversation going on in comments too. Lots more there too, start at the top and scroll down!

ILJ has taken a satirical trip inside Dick Cheney's brain! Do you ever get the feeling that no matter how outlandish a thing you could come up with about something like this, it might turn out to be true? Also, he asks... was he right about Chuck Hagel and Hillary Clinton? I have no idea... what do you think? There's more there... go read!

[UPDATE THE LAST!] XicanoPwr has the sad news that the leader of the largest leftist group in Oaxaca was shot and killed, as well as other news about the region. Also, news from Iraq.

Arcturus has a series of posts about the death penalty... some encouraging news, some not so much, but all interesting, informative and thought provoking!

In addition to updates on FamilyMom and naps, Family Man has two excellent stories - one in which he admits that he is not a gambler, and how he came by that revelation. And another about a visit to his niece in the hospital, and the memories it brought back. Both good Sunday reading!

All done! If I've forgotten anyone, let me know!

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