Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pix from the DC Protest

"Well, I'm back. " - Samwise Gamgee

Unfortunately I was reacquainted with my luggage almost 24 hours after arriving back in the Grand Canyon State, but I'll save that for another post. The trip to DC was fantastic on all levels. I was able to re-energize myself for the cause of Peace, meet friends for the first time, and spend quality time with old ones. So without further ado:

My day on Saturday began at the Starbucks across the street from the Navy Memorial, where I met many Kossacks and blogging celebs like Jeffrey Feldman and emptywheel. Here's the group shot before the majority of folks heading on down to the National Mall. I'm on the way left of the pic (how appropriate)

From there the smaller BooTrib Gang made its way to the Washington Monument to join the Beach Impeach Project's DC efforts to spell out IMPEACH. At first we were going to be part of the E, hence the pic, but we ended up being proud members of the Exclamation Point!!!!

The aerial shots are awesome, you can see them over at the Beach Impeach Project's site.

At that point we walked back towards the Capitol for the United for Peace and Justice March. Here's what we saw when we approached.

As we got swallowed up in the crowd of humanity, easily over 100,000 despite what the mainstream corporate-sellout-based media claimed, the signs and faces of the people said everything

Once the speakers finished what they had to say, the march began (slowly, at first, due to the sheer force of numbers)

Even Rummy was there (in handcuffs)

The crowd stretched far beyond line-of-sight up Capitol Hill, passing between the Capitol and the Senate office buildings.

This was the crowd behind us, again stretching back farther than we could see.

I'm really glad to have had the opportunity to join in solidarity with other PeaceMongers. While it may have been a big yawn to the talking heads on tv and radio, the energy it gave/gives to Accidental Activists is immeasurable. It builds an inner-motivation to do whatever it takes to bring about the end of the catastrophe George Bush and his minions have unleashed on the world.

The other side of something like this is finally getting to meet many people whom you only know through blogtopia (y!sctp) and finding that it is more of a reunion than an introduction. I enjoyed immensely the opportunity to meet tampopo, BrotherFeldspar, JanetTinMD, ejmw, CabinGirl, supersoling, BooMan, AP and others.

It's no wonder my heart is full of hope today. We were able to share it with one another and now I can hopefully help to spread it out to whomever reads these humble words.

Paz - Man Eegee

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