Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunny (at least here) Sunday Tour!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful, sunshiny day or, if not, at least a relaxing one! Only, don't get too relaxed, cuz it's time to wander around and take the tour!

First up... the things we sacrifice for our kids, parents or just friends. How brave some of us are! How resolute in our determination to stand between a loved one and harm how... oh, just go read about Family Man's bravery and sacrifice in The Great Frozen Fudge Bars Eat Off! And the follow-up...

Original James has bunches of stuff! So, you should just go to the top and start reading. Here are a few highlights, though... he reiterates about Claudia Card's conception of social death, and it's importance to understanding genocide. And highlights an important point and asks questions about the Surge and Iran. And sometimes one picture really IS worth 1000 words... Jazzy James is on hiatus!

katiebird is still not up to snuff, but she does have an interesting question.... “What if there wasn’t a patent on the cure for cancer?”

[UPDATE!] ILJ (who we somehow forgot last week... and um, yes, that IS a royal "we") has been bizzy! Another one to start at the top and read down, but here are highlights! Remembering Barbara Jordan is a great look back at one of the greatest women of our time. Also, looking at electoral politics, runners past and present and expectations in Where's the Beef? Not to mention that he is really, truly excited... or maybe not, that Hillary's running!

Olivia is back from the wilds of Ontario, and she's brought pictures! Well, I know it's not quite a surprise that Olivia has pictures, but still... do you think they line these all up and measure them to get that perfect row that somehow or other means Christmas is over? And where would we be without inner bits? Well we meaning, in this case, a lily! And fog over the river and cloud blogging (I think you are supposed to see if you can see a picture in the clouds!) and more... go read!

Duke explains why a temporary worker program should be avoided... many of these things that sound kinda good aren't at all. Also, the government is working on a way to collect immigrant DNA. Sigh. Lots more there... people have been posting up a storm, so start at the top and read!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] catnip has a Sunday Food for Thought! I know, I know.. it's not Sunday without it, but I thought I would just point that out... it's about Perceptions. Also, a great piece on Nation Building vs "Democracy Promotion". Lots of food for thought there too! Who knew that writing a letter to the editor could cause the Secret Service to land on your doorstep? Even if you are 81 years old!

Arcturus has an article on Energo-fascism, which I am not sure what that is yet as I've not had time to fully read the piece, but it sounds interesting! Also, the preparation of us for war with Iran in 'fact witnesses and propaganda. And more there besides... you know the drill!

At the art crit deano has a mountain spirit and scrap paper, where you can scribble to your hearts content (but not on the mountain spirit)! What more could you ask for?

It's finished! Our painting that boran is doing all the work on, that is! He's pleased with how the "four tubes of paint" worked out, and so are we! We have to wait til next week to see what the new painting will be, though. Also, he's branching out and has become an Oliviaite! Yay! Don't know what that is? Well, just take a look and you'll see!

XicanoPwr gives us a scary update on the US concentration camps... this time, on the imprisonment of innocent children! Also, a great piece that clears up some misconceptions and gives the Real Legacy of Cesar Chavez.

Nezua has bunches of stuff (you know the drill!) but he does confess that the Iraq War is all his fault. Read why! Also, he points to an article that seems a bit... off, for the type of site it's on. I've not read it yet, but will do! And it's quite likely you don't know what you think you know, about Mexico.

All done! I think... if I've forgotten you (as if I ever could!), just let me know!

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