Friday, January 12, 2007

Meta - Koufax Nominations and Getting Tagged

First up, congratulations to you all - we've been nominated in three four categories for the 2006 Koufax Awards.

Best Group Blog (x2)
Best Single Issue Blog
Best Human Equality Blog
Best New Blog

The nominations are compiled through the comment section at Wampum. My thanks to the people who nominated this humble spot in blogtopia (yes! skippy coined that phrase).

And now, to answer Dean's tagging from last week: Once "tagged" in this round, there is the option of either posting 7 accomplishments in 2006 or listing 5 quirky things about oneself that others probably don't know.

Since I'm the quirkiest person I know, I'm gonna go with that option:
  • I often dream in español but freak myself out when speaking it in the semi-conscious state called daytime
  • While sleeping, I cup my face with one of my hands instead of resting against the pillow - perhaps that explains the recent acne breakout
  • I have an irrational fear of the giant squid
  • I'm allergic to avocados but refuse to give up guacamole, so I suffer through the itchy throat
  • the first book I ever owned was Danny and the Dinosaur, by Syd Hoff - several years ago I got it signed by the author and re-read it regularly just to lighten the mood.
So there you have it. To continue the tagging trend, I choose supersoling at Even Flow; katiebird at Eat4Today; latinasoyme at Mi Destino: fe, cultura y vida; Family Man at Mundane Doesn't Describe it, and spiderleaf at Jaded Reality.

Have some fun with it!

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