Thursday, January 18, 2007

An Open Letter To The White-Based Blogosphere

Dear White-Based Lefty Blogosphere:

Stop speculating whether or not the country is "ready" for a white or black President. Yes, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are probably running in 2008. As a minority, I get tired of seeing in your comment sections that America may not be ready yet, it makes me think that perhaps you're projecting.

I know that you might not want to hear that, but again, as a minority, it grates my nerves when I hear speculation like that when I don't hear much of it from the mainstream™. Sure, racism does exist and is thriving in this era of division, but if you truly want it to go away, then please stop speculating and make the reforms you claim to uphold something that is more than just a dream.

The reality is, the race or gender of the person doesn't matter too much. Yes, it may influence the way a candidate has been raised to view the world, but isn't that true for any of us? Lets examine the merits of the persons' positions and go from there, okay? Thanks.


Man Eegee

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