Tuesday, October 09, 2007

ICE Seeks to Sedate Albanian Migrant

The escalation of hostilities continues.

DALLAS (AP) — Immigration authorities are asking a court to let them sedate an Albanian restaurateur on a deportation flight to keep him from becoming hysterical again over fears he'll be killed if he returns to that country.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement asked a federal judge for permission to medicate Rrustem Neza, a 32-year-old asylum seeker who fled his homeland after publicly identifying the men accused of gunning down an Albanian politician.

Agents tried to deport Neza in August but couldn't because he was terrified and would not calm down.

He wouldn't calm down because he and his familly literally ran for their lives when they fled their home country. Asylum has been denied so what does the U.S. government expect to happen when they attempt to drop him back in the middle of a situation where he will most likely be dead within a short amount of time?

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