Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Midweek Meta Open Thread

  • I am not very good at coding. This frustrates me.
  • I've added a form on the left sidebar that allows readers to get Latino Político posts via email. You can sign up over there <--------
  •, which powers the Bloggers del Mundo blogroll on the right sidebar, should add the ability to add sites with special characters in their title. There's no reason that accent marks and the ¡ can't be included in their code. ¿Sabes?
  • Comments are always a joy to read. It makes this worth it to know that someone else is interacting with the text. Speaking of comments, you can access the RSS feed for comments anytime on the left sidebar or by using this link. I somehow zapped the icon earlier this week (see the first bullet item of this post for the reason)
  • Thanks for being you

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