Thursday, October 18, 2007

Imprisoning Children? No Problema!

Wow. Just wow.

A Texas County Commissioner says out loud that the concentration camp in Taylor is a way better deal for migrant families than their homes back in Latin America (still think it's not racial?)

Hat tip to the myspace activists who are working tirelessly on the local level to shut down the prison. They are holding twin marches next weekend:
The Hutto child prison in Taylor and the Raymondville tent internment camps are the most visible yet sinister violation of international human rights on American soil…and they both happen to be here in Texas . Hutto has children and their mothers imprisoned at the tune of about $10,000 per child/per mother/per month. Raymondville is the most flagrant of adult immigrant internment camps in the world, let alone on American soil.

Therefore, Raymondville Walk II and Hutto Walk III have been rescheduled for a Texas Super Weekend the last weekend of October. Here are the dates: (Maps and details will be in a follow up notice).

Raymondville Walk II. October 26-27. Friday and Saturday. From the Harlingen Travel Center to Raymondville, the seat of the corruption ridden Willacy County Commissioners Court .

Hutto Walk III. October 28-30. Sunday through Tuesday. From the Hutto children's' prison camp in Taylor , Texas to the seat of the Williamson County Commissioners Court in Georgetown , Texas .

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