Sunday, October 07, 2007

The prodigal Sunday Eegeehood Tour returns

One truism that has tons of truth to it is "you never really know what you have until it is gone." I think it goes without saying that Nanette's Sunday Tours along with Manny's Friday Bud Blogging were features that seemed to keep our little corner of the blogging diaspora together. The hood has certainly changed over the last year. Several houses remain vacant. Every once in a while we get a new neighbor. We really need a block party. So in that spirit:

Let's introduce a new neighbor: Smartypants. Actually, you've seen her occupying some other pads as NLinStPaul. She's finally signed a lease on her own blogging space. Check it out.

One of our neighbors has checked in after months of seclusion: Dove, whose blog In Flight features the unfinished but still quite good joint project that she and the (hate to say it) probably late Ductape Fatwa were working on (titled Artichoke Circus) before his sudden disappearance.

A couple of us have lately been blogsitting over at Everybody Comes From Somewhere, where you might just find the occasional Bokononist quotation.

XicanoPwr always drops some interesting palabras over at ¡Para Justicia y Libertad!, including a notice that his blog is hosting a Q & A session with the author of The Latino Challenge to Black America this October 11.

Nezua's always in the hood - check his recent joint, Mind Your Myanmars. Of course as Nanette would say, just start at the top of his blog and scroll down.

Boran2's acrylic painting of the Grand Canyon is coming along nicely.

Just a few days ago, Olivia presented us a gorgeous sunset photo - I can't say I've ever seen the Ottawa River, but it looks like a wonderful place to spend some time. Olivia of course dazzles her visitors on a regular basis with flower photos. Take a peek.

Family Man is still rolling along, in spite of a little electrical mishap that strikes me as something I'd do. My encounter with electrical current had something to do with an electrical outlet, a malfunctioning blowdryer, and the fact that I was sopping wet after having just jumped out of the shower - but that's a story for another time.

After a lengthy hiatus, Migra Matters is back in a big way, most recently covering the Dream Act.

Our usual tour guide has certainly kept herself busy, including sharing some words written by a great-great-great uncle that show just how little things have changed in the intervening century when it comes to race relations.

Intrepid Liberal Journal's latest essay paints an unflatteringly accurate portrait of war profiteer Erik Prince.

Checked Eat4Today lately?

Okay. I'm sure I'm leaving some folks out. As I said, several houses seem to have been vacated - perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently. We need a block party. If someone's got the sound equipment, I'll bring the tunes.

Peace and love, y'all.

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