Friday, August 04, 2006

Cracking Open Pandora's Box

How much more blood needs to be shed for the American public to realize that war only begets more war? Our money is financing all of the terror that is being unleashed in the Middle East. That's right - Our. Until the government is held accountable by the people, then no amount of escapism or apathy will hide the fact that the shit will hit the fan, only next time the fan will be directed back at us instead of countries far away.

Sirocco has been documenting the atrocities and the U.S.'s complicity with a growing sense of horror over at Booman Tribune and his personal blog.

Is someone taking notes at the Hague? Oh, wait. At a previous conference in Rome, Israel was one of only seven countries rejecting the International Criminal Court. The others were China, Iraq (under Saddam Hussein), Libya, Yemen, Qatar, and the USA. As usual, the latter is in a class of its own: Congress has authorized the President to "use all means necessary and appropriate" to free US personnel (and certain allied personnel, including Israeli such) detained or imprisoned by the ICC. Presumably, the Hague has taken note of that.

However, might does not make right. Morally speaking, the USA stands to Israel as Serbia stood to the regime of Radovan Karadžić. It is, and I regret having to write these words, a blight on humanity.
My head spins as the headlines continue to get worse. Scribe speaks for me with these words written with a grieving heart.
Understand, Please

understand, please,
(all of you
with bloodied faces
horrified eyes,
and murdered children,
and all of you dying
of thirst
in the desert,)
why I must look away
from time to time,
in order to keep
in order to keep
any infinitesimal
thing I can do
to try
to stop this

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