Sunday, August 27, 2006

hola, allo, bonjour, etc - ready or not, here we come!

Okay, so we are not taking the Grand Tour through many countries... but our tour is still Grand! We have the best tour cuz all along the way there is... well... us!

First up, I have news about Olivia. You've heard the rumours? Normally, out of modesty, I wouldn't say anything but par for the course I have to be the one to confirm these rumours and let you know that, yes.... petal porn is back! Yessiree, in addition to Olive Oil (or is it a party favor?), red, red, red, and what could be things floating under a microscope , Olivia has brought back the famous (infamous?) frolic on pink sheets! Well done!

I bet by now you'd like a nice cool dip, no? Well have I got the perfect place for you! Family Man is experimenting again! No, no, I'm not suggesting a plunge into the ice cream maker... he's got a video/photo montage thingy of clips of his pond, set to music! I don't like bugs, snakes, alligators, mosquitos, humidity or even trees much, but how could you not want to live at this pond? Also, things could be worse!

What happens when a bunch of lefty, intellectual readers and writers start a fiery, no holds barred rant, gossip and dressing paris hilton site? Well of course they start philosophizing, seek deeper meaning in things and figure out ways to fix the world! After all, paris only has so many outfits. You have to try some of the link stuff though... so far, my favorites are storm sounds, Makeover Mona Lisa and Mr PicassoHead!

[UPDATE!] So, over at Rob's.... what? You don't know who Rob is? Hah! So I'm not the only one that doesn' t always notice things and has been typing out Interepid Liberal Journal even though all his posts are signed "Rob"! Much easier to type. Anyway, over there he's talking about reminiscing about the future, politicians who say one thing with the full intention of doing the other, and the historical dwarfing of reality in the face of a need to believe. Or strategy. Interesting stuff, go read!

I love this car that Boran is working on - such personality! Right now he's highlighted the pencil sketch in ochre and it's all starting to come together. Plus, TWO people have been voted off Blogistan! We won't miss them!

Young, old, chubby, thin, croissants or tortillas, Janet has photos of the people who are out there for peace and making a difference, at the pink house - Peace Gone Wild! Also, Imagine... if people actually practiced what they preached.

[UPDATE AGAIN!] I didn't forget the rest of you! Had to shut down for a bit cuz the little computer was running hot, hot hot! All better now though. Hopefully ;)

Over at doves, I have a question about human nature, and is it! Also, I bet you never thought of the connections between the White Feather Wielder and the Down-trodden Woman, did you? Well, dove has teased them out, and boy do they make sense!

Oh gee, is Hurricane Ernesto on the path towards New Orleans? XicanoPwr follows the wind and the clouds (and the national weather service). Also, he does some updating on the Bush family young and able folks, and what they are busy doing while they are not joining the military.

catnip has found another weird... er, very interesting picture for her Sunday Food for Thought! Also, untelevised revolutions (in case you missed it at the pink palace) and news updates!

Speaking of pictures, if you have clown issues you might want to prepare yourself before visiting deano this week! I actually don't mind clowns but some are more um... than others! But to make up for it, very pretty butterflies. Or something. Go look!

[UPDATE THE LAST! maybe] Look out below! scribe has, in the post right below this one, an excellent story that could be a metaphore for many things... or just interesting day at the beach!

James' Food for Thought covers the entire weekend! Also, being too comfortable to move is not always a good thing. And peace takes courage! No nekkid feet Open Threads though.

I'm sensing a theme here across sites and comments, even though some things may not exactly seem like the other.... hive minds, or maybe a quickening of echoes? Ductape says Americans are not malicious, so why don't they resist? And comes up with some ideas.

Duke finds all the yucky, crazy people! Well, maybe not all, but certainly enough. Like the Miniature Men who tell groups of college Young Republicans that border crossers should be shot. Oh, but that's not all! Some politicians have nothing to campaign on but hate and bigotry. What if, one day, they gave a hate and nobody came?

All is well at katiebird's, though! She had a scare last week (a car wreck! she's okay... the car? not so much), but that didn't stop her from being committed daily (drop by, you too can be committed over anything)! And she's wondering about the big question... introvert or extrovert? We shall see!

All done! I think.

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