Monday, August 07, 2006

ReAwakening the Conscience of the People

The conscience of the people needs to be reawakened. It has been silenced by rhetoric like this, that came from the lips of the United States Ambassador to the United Nations:
Bolton's continued "cheerleading for Israel" didn't help, according to this same official. "It's a real row that started with Bolton's statement that you couldn't compare the deaths of Lebanese to the deaths of Israelis," the official said. "He implied that because Lebanon harbored Hezbollah, Lebanese lives were forfeit. It was a stupid thing to say. It tore the scab off the wound."

Bolton refused to back down, reiterating that the death of Lebanese civilians, while "tragic and unfortunate", was understandable considering Israel's right to "self-defense". In any event, Bolton went on to say, Israel did not "desire" the deaths of innocents - unlike Hezbollah. - linkage (emphasis mine, hat tip to quaoar over at DKos.)
I firmly believe, with every single ounce of my personhood, that the ongoing, bipartisan support of violence as the preferred method of conflict resolution has severely wilted humanity's ability to live in Peace. Wilted but not necessarily killed off.

Cindy Sheehan points a new direction that is based on a strength that is not wielded by physical force, but rather something more ancient. In spanish it would be referred to as la alma.

No matter how much I struggle with this fact: George Bush is a human being, too. No matter how far he has strayed from his humanity and no matter how he seems to revel in the callous killing of innocent human beings and the destruction of a country that was no threat to ours, the same Universal Creator who created us, created him. The same Creator who created the babies in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel, created George. The same Creator that made my darling, faithful, and sweet boy, Casey, created George!

This is the mission of Camp Casey this year: To remind George and the rest of his heart disconnected administration that their hearts are connected to ours and the innocent people of the world who their thoughtless greed are killing. It is also our mission to remind the people of the USA who still support the carnage that their hearts are connected to the babies and children that are wantonly being killed. I have realized from the start of Shocking and Awful that George was killing people who are connected to my heart. I realize that he is killing my brothers and sisters of the heart and that is not acceptable to me.

The rest of her message can be found here, her words remain as powerful as ever.

To donate to the Gold Star Families for Peace, visit their webpage here. They have no running water on the newly purchased site for Camp Casey III and are relying on the compassion, the conscience, of the people to say 'Enough!' and support a new way to live in this world that is founded on unbridled Peace.

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