Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Remembering Katrina: Blogger Resources

The Opportunity Agenda posted a comprehensive list of resources to use as the gulf coast region marks the one year anniversary of the Katrina disasters (the hurricane, then the colossal federal f*ck-up). Here are some local bloggers listed that have been covering their area one year later.

Facing South

After the Levees

Reconstruction Watch

Covenant with Black America

MoJo Blog

The Third Battle of New Orleans

There have also been some great diaries over on Daily Kos. Here are just a few that deserve another look:

Breaking Report: One Year After Katrina

Spike Lee, Katrina, and Daily Kos . . .

Coming Home: The Katrina Blog Project

Little Progress in New Orleans One Year Later

New Orleans, The Forgotten City

Mississippi After Katrina

The Mental Health Crisis in New Orleans

Here's the linkage to the full resource list. Also, my amigo James at The Left End of the Dial has been blazing great posts the past few days covering the different facets of failure by the government to the people. This particular video hits hard in its poignancy.

Join the Katrina Blogswarm - hold them all accountable.

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