Sunday, August 20, 2006

Peeking at the neighbors!

Could it possibly be Sunday again already? It sure could! The proof is in the pudding... what? You don't get Sunday Pudding!? I am not sure that is legal, we'll have to check it out.

But in the meantime... time to see what's happening in the barrio!

Boran2 has started the new picture of the cool car! It's just a sketch now, but we'll be able to follow along weekly. Also, all that is green and growing on the lawn may not be what it seems!

I don't think spiderleaf knows about our petitions! Okay, so we've only used them one and a half times, but still... one has to conserve on such fearsome things!

Family Man has been gifted. Twice! But what does it all mean? Also, Cat is caught in the act! As FM says "My life takes on the trappings of a sitcom more and more it seems. "
And don't we love it!

[UPDATE!] Olivia in space! She must have been, otherwise how could she have taken this picture? Although she is not admitting that that is what it is, but we know better! Also, if you were suffering from nonbuggyness, suffer no more! Olivia has what could reasonably be termed a bug fashion show, with each preening and setting themselves against colors that show them to advantage.

XicanoPwr draws our attention to racist hate, salsa style! Also, Schumer and the DSCC are On Notice!

Picking up on XP's salsa post, Duke points out a dilemma some racists face with their "love the food, but hate the people” , and their attempts to keep the one while getting rid of the other. Also, he debunks yet another myth, this time about immigrants and crime!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Proof that it is Sunday... catnip has her Sunday Food for Thought! Much there to chew on. Also, like a polite host should, she offers the Pentagon some cheesecake!

For gossip, rants and dressing Paris Hilton you can't beat Mo Betta Meta! Where we find out that Ductape is having a birthday and, even though there is no ice cream, it's melting, it's melting! Ahem.

supersoling is singing on Sunday with the Fourtops! Okay, so maybe he's not singing, and that may be a good thing, but still.

w00t! katiebird is back, and just in time! I've been checking all morning and now... there she is! Seems she migrated servers and is quite happy about it too. Yay! After this, it will be back to her regular schedule of vibrating beds, ladders and skinny jean dreams and being committed daily!

[UPDATE SOME MORE!] scribe has a wonderful essay in the post right below this one (scroll down!). Also our Manny has been spreading petals for peace, and has escaped the managerie for the weeekend! A long weekend, let's hope he comes back rested and renewed!

Speaking of manageries, James has a bit of chimp nostalgia to share! Also, silly wabbits... you can't have shakes on a plane!

Ductape notices that, sadly, there are some things that do bridge the gaps and unite people. Not birthday cake!

deano has an angel... of sorts. Quite fiery, too! Interesting painting and the artist is in the comments, which always makes things more fun.

[UPDATE THE LAST! i think] dove has thoughts on smoke and mirrors and terra attacks. And good news! poco has been released from parental unit duty and is now back!

Janet has video of a CodePink troops home fast, and more peace vigil pictures and memories! If you can't be there yourself... the next best thing.

We haven't visited Intrepid Liberal Journal for a couple of rounds, but he's got a great post up today about power, politics and latex gloves! How can you resist?

All Done! (i think)

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