Sunday, August 06, 2006

In an Eegian Frame of Mind!

I bet everyone forgot that it's Sunday! And you know what happens on Sunday! Bells ring! Streamers stream! Bands play! And it's all for us! Really... I'm sure it is. No?

Anyway, we are again peeking to see what's going on in the Eegeehood, so I hope everyone is ready!

First up... Just remember we knew her when.... when it was just a thought, then a comment signature line, and then a site... but now, katiebird is famous! Well, almost... but it's only the beginning! In the paper and everything! Go look... on my screen you have to scroll a bit to get to the right hand column, but go do that and see. Woohoo! Also I think her "I am a Rock" poster will be a huge hit. Lots of other great katie stuff there too... journaling, keeping track of goals and being committed daily. Drop in, say hi, and well done!

Duke is having fun with maps and hypocrisy... and "English Only" type folks! Some of whom really needed to pay more attention in grammar and spelling classes themselves. Friend of mine has an old mining entrance sign he treasures... where the warnings are written in 13 different languages! From the early 20th century. From Duke's map, not much has changed. Also, the House putting on a political kabuki dance.

Boran2 has another installment of his current painting... it's great fun watching it all come together, isn't it? And a cool mystery car. Also, Condi has been voted off the island! And puzzlement at the proposed trashing of a valued habitat :(

[UPDATE!] Guess what!? Olivia has ended her boycott of bugs! (Don't look, Manny!) Birds and frogs are nice, but nothing beats a lovely bug, I always say. I'm sure you do, too. And as usual, there are many other lovely, if bugless, things to see there. Go look!

Speaking of wild and pink things, we have a couple of new hoodians! We have the aptly named Peace Gone Wild... and I bet you can't guess who that is! Okay, well I won't make you guess... it's Damnit Janet! And she's got great photos of a recent peace vigil, and also a lovely tribute to Hiroshima - working to make sure it never happens again.

Also, for those times when you are crabby, on your last nerve, have an "I can't believe this!" moment or just want to snark or gossip (about you know who or even Paris Hilton - after you dress her, of course) have we got the place for you! Mind you, at any moment a rant or snark is apt to veer off into a philosophical discussion, but we can handle it! Mo Betta META - change your whole blogitude.

Visit the new (and old) folks and say hi!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] catnip has a Sunday Food for Thought this week! whew! Is God a Taoist? Also a picture that sort of looks like my brain, I think. Don't forget to scroll down... lots of information and updates on what is going on in the Middle East and Iraq! And scary Condies.

XicanoPwr has been following the ins and outs of the Mexican election aftermath, and as usual he brings us vital information and perspective on the recent tribunal ruling. And history is repeating itself (as it is wont to do) with the choices of criminalization or deportation.

Right here at our own Manny's... did you notice who is here!? If you did, go to the post right below this one, read it, and then say hello to scribe! Well, and comment on the lovely story as well... makes one long for a porch. Add that to Manny's story of memories past and future resolve and you have a great Sunday reading packet!

[UPDATE THE LAST! (maybe)] supersoling is writing on his site again. Yay! He has songs of the day and photos and essays and activist activity and lots of stuff! As he's not been on the tour for a bit, this week you should just start at the top and scroll down! To catch up on what you've missed.

It's a musical day at Jame's place today... songs for Hiroshima, as well as others, and a musical old friend and tie dyed pics!

Family Man is experimenting (uh oh!) But not to worry, not a test tube in sight, so he won't blow up anything. Much. Do go read about his travails and how he's somehow talked himself into working too hard, and bask in the beautiful picture of the lake and rain.

Ductape is talking about war without borders, and also updates on the multitude of Nasrallahs!

The second installment of dove's "Counting Cherry Stones" series is up! This time it's Rosie the Riveter... I've not had time to read it yet, but I'm on my way. Also, two coastlines and impossible rules and who gives out the permits for moral equivalency?

[UPDATE THAT IS VERY LATE!] deano... the art crit! It's his 1 year blogiversary today! (Monday!). That mean's he's been providing us with things that we sometimes don't know what they are but which are always cool for an entire year! Go wish him Happy Birthday! :)

All done! (I think... if I've forgotten anyone, let me know)

Use this as an Open Thread.

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