Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Widening Eegian Sea... er...Hood

Happy Sunday, all! It's time to get to the fence, stick our heads up over it and peek at our neighbors. That's okay though, cuz they are peeking back at us!

Duke has a blog design update - which might not be brand new, but which I am just now noticing, for some reason. Clean, spiffy, easy to read and find stuff. Like, the border is being opened... for Cubans. Nothing political about that, I bet! As usual, lots of information on the backstory and political insidery stuff.

dove is looking at kings and militaries and troops, and not at all liking what she is seeing. Or what the expectations are of people. Comments range widely, as usual...

....including one of mine that inspired Ductape's new rant, We are all Hezbollah! Legends, morphing, and symbols and how sometimes actions have unintended consequences.

Speaking of inspiration, supersoling has none to write anything today (except about his fatness), so he's left us with music, wifely looks and calypso!

[UPDATE!] Over at the artcrit, they're all tied up! Okay, well maybe not all... and the artist is in the comments, interesting conversation. Go look! (but maybe carry scissors, too)

katiebird has been having a few server blips, but that's not stopped her! She's still being committed daily, and also is foreswearing procrastination! I think about doing that all the time too, and I will... one day!

James (and the person he cites) rolls his eyes at shakes on a plane and recommends V for Vendetta! Also racists in high places, and unlikely ceasefires.

Family Man has put aside his chemistry set for the moment and now tells us about Palmer and Family Mom, and the geese, the cat and a geezer! Also the UN-10 links.

[UPDATE AGAIN!] is it really Sunday if there is no Food for Thought? You decide! catnip has gone troll hunting, though, and has caught one! He is now full of mea culpas... reminds me of the monsters in Monsters Inc, who tried to be scary, but couldn't quite do it. Also, updates on Israel/Lebanon war.

XicanoPwr has been keeping on top of the electoral fraud issue in Mexico, and has more news on it! Also, he lets Obrador speak for himself.

Boran2 is distinctly not loving the hummer in the sappy meal! And who can blame him? Also, I bet you can't guess who gets voted off the island this week! Be sure not to miss the latest update in the painting, too!

[UPDATE THE LAST! maybe] Peace has not only gone wild, it's sexy! I know cuz Janet says so (in comments)! And she should know, no? Her site is still new, so just go and start at the top (read the wonderful memories of a recent event) and scroll down. Pictures!

And speaking of scrolling... scroll down, scroll down! Our Manny has been on fire this week, talking about organized labor growing a movement, exterminating crazies, election 2006 and the immigration showdown. Plus, scribe's wonderful essays. Scroll!

Olivia has a burst of color and unstriped candy canes with a Latin name! Also, bright yellow inner bits on blue. Sorry, no bugs!

And don't forget the place for rants, gossip, blogitude and meta meta... Mo Betta Meta!

All done! (I think... if I've forgotten anyone, let me know - or late updates, too)

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