Thursday, October 12, 2006

2006 Arizona Ballot Initiatives

Congressional Elections are notorious for having low voter turnout. Hopefully this year, with George Bush's tantrum continuing unbridled, enough people will realize that the only real way to stop the War Council is to get their rear ends to the polls on November 7th and permanently retire any lawmaker that has given The Oval Office Cowboy a free pass.

Another important reason to make our voices heard is the numerous ballot initiatives that have survived the petition process and made it to the ballot. This cycle there are 19 Propositions that voters will need to do their homework on to make an educated decision on the direction of our state.

In the coming days I will offer my thoughts and recommendations, but for now, here are some good resources
AZ Secretary of State - Official Listing of each initiative
AZ Legislative Council - analysis of each proposal

Tucson Weekly - recommendations for all
Blog for Arizona - recommendations for all
Sacred Mountain Blues - Props 100-105 as of this entry
Daniel's News and Views - Props 200-205 as of this entry
AZNetroots - Prop 205
m2powered - Prop 202
Spidel Blog - Prop 205

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