Sunday, October 29, 2006

fotos, fotos everywhere sunday tour!

Okay well maybe not everywhere, but in lots of places! And what's better on a lazy Sunday afte... what? You're having a busy Sunday afternoon? Well, stop it right this minute! We have a tour to do!

First up, I might as well get this out of the way right away. It's about Olivia. See... she's admitted to holding out on us. Tis true! :| BUT... she says it's for a good cause (isn't that what people always say?)... she's been toodling around doing fotofairs and such, as if that was a good excuse. See for yourself and you be the judge!

katiebird wants to know if you're ready for New Years! Me, I"m not even ready for Halloween! Also, firming daily and I think one can still get committed too. And don't forget to lounge around!

ILJ not only has Obama elected, he already has his Inauguration Speech written! Pretty cool, go read!

[UPDATE!] I (that would be me) finally have something to put on the tour too! And it has to do with fotos, although not the same ones. I did a "meme", my first (and, no doubt, only) one, of 8 things you find amazing, in picture form. I forgot a couple, but still... go look! (Not thumbnails, so fairly graphics heavy).

Over at the wild pink peace place, Janet let's her feet do the talking! Or, at least, her shoes.

What's a Sunday without a food for thought? Well, we don't have to worry about that this week, cuz catnip has one! Also, hope.

Yay! Boran has started the new picture and I think it's going to do very well! I remember the first one. Also, looks like the Earth may be running on empty. Uh oh! And Cheney looks in the mirror.

[UPDATE THE LAST!] All righty then, I need to get the rest of this in quickly before blogger disappears again. Zoom, zoom! Sigh.

Deano has an art piece up that I like... not that I don't like all of them or anything. Okay, well I don't but it's art! Aren't you supposed to not? Anyway, this one I do, and if you do, or don't, you should go say why. Critique!

Nezua (whose permalinks I have finally found, yay!) has a whole bunch of stuff, but here are a couple of things - he's starting a new category of posts called Road to the Fifth Sun series, and it sounds like it's going to be very fun and interesting! Also, some big mistakes people who make their living by lying are making. And the crushing of young spirits.

Original James is highlighting the words of Maher Arar - powerful words they are, too! Also, GOP hypocrisy (doesn't that seem a bit redundant?) And at Jazzy James, featured are the sounds of Joseph Jarman and Noah Howard!

All done! I think... some haven't updated. Let me know if I've forgotten anyone, or if Blogger lost them along the way!

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