Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I give up...

No more fighting.

Build your wall, George, go ahead. After all, we're on the brink of war with those savages from the south, right? The invading force won't stop until we've sufficiently sealed off their escape from their lowly existence under tyrannical rule!

Oh, make sure you invite the opposing party's governor to your bill signing, it'll help build your credibility at a time when you have none. You must be so proud to un-cap your pen and sign the bill near the actual construction site. How symbolic and presidential.

And. Since I'm feeling generous today, I'll even keep my mouth shut when your actions legitimize public forum questions like, "Should you check your passenger's legal status?" I'll also smile and give a thumbs up to Escondido's city council's decision to go after landlords in their city.

I'm so proud today, George. Here you are in my home-state gracing us with your presence. Make sure you give my best to Russell. Tell him, "Some wetback from Tucson wanted me to say 'Hola'". Oh wait, that won't do. I forgot that it's shameful to speak spanish here since english is on its way to becoming our official language. I guess just go with the standard 'Hello'.

All my best to you, Mr. President.

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