Sunday, October 01, 2006

Always on Sunday... the Eegeehood tour!

The week seems to go by so fast nowadays! Heck... the years do, even, sigh. Although sometimes I wish they would move even faster ;).

But not today! Today we're going to take our time and stroll around the Eegian Neighborhood once again, peeking at everyone to see what they are up to. Why? Because that's what we do, of course!

First things first... Manny, don't look! Olivia has gone buggy again and aren't we glad about that. Well, mostly we are glad that they are just on the screen, but still... Olivia obviously feels that the best cure for buggyness is to get into the pink! We agree.

Speaking of going buggy, you'll never guess who is doing so now! Give up? It's deano! So now you not only get to see a bug on a flower, but you get to critique it too! What could be better? Obviously the drive to end artlessness was successful, because deano's bug recovery plan is all blue and swirly!

XP has another installment on Who the Wall Profits that is, as usual, extremely informative and chock full of information. Also, things we could have predicted... and I think, we did!

[UPDATE!] It's boran2's birthday! Now, I'm not sure if it's his birthday birthday or his blog birthday, but either way it's cause for celebration! AND... talk about planning ahead, he had the foresight to have this day fall on the tour day! Coincidence? I think not! Also, our car now is getting the pavement put under it! Speaking of, GM is close to the line, if not over it. And you'll never guess who was voted off the island this week... or why!

[UPDATE IN THE MIDDLE!] We have heard from boran his own self... it's his birthday, not that of the blog! More cake!

While we're having our celebrations (and CAKE!), this seems like a good time to welcome some new folks to the Eegeehood! These particular people have met all our very stringent and onerous (and very secret!) requirements for being added to the tour... (although if people keep commenting here and adding Manny to their blogrolls, I'm soon going to be petitioning people not to update!).

Anyway, here they are! First, The Unapologetic Mexican! That's Nezua, perceptive and funny writer. And an artist too! I just love this graphic. Anyway, as it's his first time on the tour, just start at the top and read down! Lots of neat conversations going on there.

Also, The Chicano Veterans Organization! That's Jaango, and I'm cheating (don't tell!) just a little bit with this one cuz see... he doesn't appear to have a blogroll, so... but still, that's okay, cuz of the type of site it is. Look around, see what it's about and wave "hi!"

Changing places! No, no... not us! We're staying right where we are, but that's the name of the next new tour site! It's Donna! And not only does she have a number of interesting things to say, but she has a cat on her banner, so she can't be all bad! Well, not that she's bad at all. And not that dogs are bad or anything, it's just that... okay it's... well, I'll be quiet now and just go get Bud some treats.

We would have finally had Liberal Street Fighter on the tour (cuz wilfred said hi!), but wouldn't you know it, it's undergoing maintenance. Next week! For now, let's party with all the new folks!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] We are not quite to the point of setting off the Bleating Baby Tapir Siren, but we are close!

Katiebird knows the way to... well, not quite San Jose, but maybe close? And lots more stuff about being successfully firm daily and doing things... there are only 91 days left!

We have lots to catch up on with Family Man... first, Family Mom went to the doctor and allowed the doctor to walk out of the office on his own two feet! He answered all her questions properly. Then, Family Man had to work really hard so that he could get in some slack time (which takes lots of preparation, ya know) before the family came to visit again. But once they got there, they put him to work doing something or other with a camcorder and a DVD and now he's all unrouted! Whew!

Duke thinks it's time for Republicans to face the truth about race! Good luck with that one, lol. Also, our Manny encounters really stupid people in "I am a wetback"!

Janet has more peace vigil pictures up! As well as links to the other ones... go start from the top and see what happens when Peace (has) gone wild!

[UPDATE THE LAST! maybe] More news! catnip is up for a sooper dooper award! And, my fellow Eegians, she promises not to raise taxes and only sometimes turn into a screaming banshee if you vote for her, so what more do you need? Vote! Also, just what did Condi know before 9/11? And, catnip wants us to do all the work and she's not even been elected yet!

Hmmm... I can't break up Arcturus' latest pieces at Constellations, cuz they all flow one from (and into) another. Well, I could, but then you'd just have to start from the top and work down anyway! So, might as well do that from the beginning... it'll be well worth it! I'm really glad he finally got a blog, just think what we would have been missing!

Oh! did I mention news? We have more! James is branching out, spreading his wings, climbing the highest... okay, well anyway, he's started a new site! Nothing Is. It sounds rather nihilist, I know, but I happen to know that it's about ... well, you'll just have to go see! Hmmm, this week at the Original James, it's another one where you need to start at the top and read down. Sometimes the posts just don't want to stand alone, and this is one of those times! Maybe for comfort, eh?

I think All Done! Some haven't updated, and remember to let me know if there is anyone I've forgotten.

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