Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Eegeehood Blogger Tamer Tour!

I don't think I am the only one to have needed a Blogger Tamer this weekend, am I? Wowee zowee! Not that I'm all that blogger proficient in the first place, but somehow I broke Manny's blog and wound up with posts just stacked one on top of the other, and even some on the side! Luckily, I was unable to unbreak the blog and here we are! Ready to see what sort of Sunday everyone else is having!

Family Man has been thinking in (and of) pictures lately! Well, and talking about them too... and memories of those who are no longer here, that he wishes he knew better and more about. I come across photos like that too! Also, clouds over the pond... do you see any pictures in them?

Guess what!? Boran2 is finished with our cool car! I'm sad to see it go, but it was fun watching it come to life in the painting, week after week. Next week will be the start of a new painting, but am not sure it will replace the car in my affections. I'm not fickle! Also, grrrr... he asks "what have we become?" and reading this story, you have to wonder. And, begone!

Deano is back! And full of artfulness - like this um... incredible, metalble egg! Also, the meaning of this photo is clear as suds! Or not.

[UPDATE!] Original James does a little talking about the plausibility of the recent study by the Lancet. Also, a review of one week in Iraq. Sigh. Over at Jazzy James, he has news of some rapid something to do with music! I think it's to make it easier for downloading without disappearing. Also, go to the top and just scroll down! scroll down! Some very cool stuff there, that you'll likely not find anywhere else (without a great deal of effort).

Olivia has a page full of buggy goodness! Well, okay, just two bugs but that's better than none! And isn't this a pretty one... eating its version of garlic and chive chips! In California it's illegal to shoot whales from a car, but there are no laws about shooting beautiful photos here OR in... in... somewhere in Canada! More clouds to see pictures in too. And don't forget to peek back!

Now, about Donna... she may not have petal pr0n - BUT... first she's talking about beer blogging, and you know what that leads to. Not that I'm saying anything, mind you... but then she swings right into the age of sphincter failure and of course you can guess what comes next? Safe sex in the garden! My, my...

[UPDATE AGAIN! MAYBE THE LAST!] If it's Sunday, catnip has a food for thought! Most times. And here it is! Also, she tells why Ignatieff shouldn't lead the Liberals (Canadian style), besides the fact that he is a tool. At least I think he was when he was in the States. And Bush is flip-flopper in chief! He's sure been doing a lot of it lately, hasn't he?

katiebird has some interesting thoughts regarding obesity and children! And being firmed daily, of course... and don't forget, after you are firmed, you can go lounge about! And play!

Arcturus has an amazing retrospective on Nathaniel Mackey - you could spend quite a bit of time there just absorbing that! But, there is more! He tells about a new reality show... class war as spectacle - more reality than show, I'm thinking. And lots more!

Nezua gives us an update on what's going on in Oaxaca - the people are not giving up! Also, Terrorists on the ballots! I bet you can't guess who put them there. And lots more besides... you don't want to miss the Mi Familia series... chock full of history and thoughts and memories.... fascinating.

Duke tells about yet another crazy Republican, this one who thinks he can get away with telling people it's illegal for them to vote! Also, the hypocrisy of border security Republicans.

And right here our Manny has had a tough year... a tough couple of years, for that matter. He needs hugs! His funny and charming Tio that he introduces to use in this story has passed on, and Manny will be away for a few days. Our condolences to him and his family.

All done! I think.

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