Thursday, October 12, 2006

AZ01 - Latest Poll Has Ellen Simon Beating Renzi

Word on the street is, Ellen Simon (D) has been out and about all over the district talking to people. That's the most effective way of building support, in my opinion, and it appears to be working (via kos):


Renzi (R) 46
Simon (D) 50

Demographic information on the district can be found via

A suggestion to any campaign operatives or supporters of Simon in CD1. Make your presence known in the numerous small town papers that span the district.

For the Copper Belt, a personalized letter to the community from Ellen or a LTE from a supporter would be good for the San Manuel Miner, Copper Basin News, and Superior Sun (they can be found via Also, the papers in the Thatcher, Safford, Morenci, San Carlos, Globe/Miami are fertile ground for support - strong labor roots.

Too many politicians write off the small towns and focus their concentration on getting numbers in the more populated areas, but with a race as close as this latest poll suggests - every ballot cast is going to make the difference on who gets sent to Washington to represent that huge chunk of Arizona tierra.

Note to the Simon Campaign: send me an email, I have the perfect spot for a big sign in one of the small towns I listed above. All I have to do is make a phone call to my parents.

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