Sunday, October 08, 2006

tap, tap, tappin' on blogger's doors... eegeehood tour!

Yes, indeed... we're on our way, so I hope everyone is ready! None of this last minute dusting and all.

Let's see... Oh... Family Man has discovered many things! Among them the fact that he is not 20 years old anymore, sigh. Who knew? And balloons that don't sound at all fun, but which will hopefully still bring joy! Or at least relief. I think he needs a hug! (but gently, gently).

Duke has good news! The 9th Circuit Court - the one right wingers love to hate - just made their keyboards explode again, I'm thinking! Also, time to get rid of a nasty little man, and now we know the purpose of local immigration laws!

ILJ puts current events in some context in Full Circle: From Jim Wright To Dennis Hastert and and don't miss about the national pension plan for working people. He's looking for input, so if you have any thoughts... leave them there!

Boran has become the destroyer of worlds! Well, maybe just of buildings. Okay, okay... so he just painted over the house in our cool car picture, and replaced it with a green hill! Wait! Boran has done the environmentally sound thing! whew. Also, some guy forgot to prostrate himself before Cheney, and look what happened! And, of course... someone was voted off the island... but who?

[UPDATE!] Olivia is talking about... I bet you can't guess what! Oh... you can? You're right! The birds and the bees! Green bees, no less. Hmmm, I wonder if that means something? Oh, about the birds... my favorite is sharing! Well, only with himself though. ! Okay, not my favorite bird, but my favorite photo!

spiderleaf ends her boycott again to write about five things feminism has done for her!

(dove and Ductape are still boycotting tho!) <----- (this doesn't count as a petition. Yet). Are you hungry yet? If so, catnip has a Sunday Food for Thought just for you! Well, even if you're not hungry. Also, in addtion to being invaded by YouTube, she seems to have disappeared her Environmental Minister. And Afghanis are switching sides.

katiebird wants to know what you are doing today! It doesn't have to be food related... do you have a goal or a project you are procrastinating on? katie has just the cure, by being firmed daily! AND... after you are done thinking about what you want to get started on, katie also has the perfect thing to distract you from it - a new crossword puzzle! Talk about testing your willpower....

[UPDATE THE LAST!] Wow, have you seen James' new site yet? I have, for the first time! I have figured out how to disable colors and now I can read it... it's very cool. Much info about music and musicians and old albums and classics and so on - good reading, and I don't even like music! At the Original James, he gives us the latest on the Gitmo scandal.... or what should be one, anyway. Also, something the US and the UK have in common!

"to weave a different fabric" ... thus Arcturus starts a series of posts on real people powered movements, this one continuing on in the face of betrayal, adversity and almost certain failure. Also, Paraguay rejects immunity for US military! More there too... read on!

Donna talks about sustainability, in a personal way, in this wonderful post. And there is more there besides, click around!

Don't forget to scroll down and read our Manny's posts! If you've not been reading this week, you've missed out on lots. Scroll down, scroll down!

And this one I saved for last because you're going to want to find a quiet space, even if for just a few minutes, and sit down to read Nezua's Sometimes, for a Moment, I Dream. And maybe dream for a little too.

[UPDATE BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!] Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian eegeehoodians!

All Done! I think... let me know if I've missed anyone.

Use this as an Open Thread.

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