Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Have they done ANYTHING without incompetence?

The absurdity of this is almost too much to bear
Part of a vehicle barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border was erected in the wrong country and soon will be removed and rebuilt on American soil, federal officials say.

"We respect our international boundary, and we want to be good neighbors," U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Michael Friel told The Associated Press on Monday. "...We want to move quickly to ensure that we place the vehicle barrier where it should be, which is north of the border."

The barrier, 17 miles west of Columbus, N.M. was built in 2000 by Joint Task Force North out of Fort Bliss, Texas. It encroaches into Mexico territory between one and six feet south of the border along a 1.5-mile stretch.

To any "progressives" that are sympathetic to the hardliners, understand that any vile legislative initiative that comes out of the Hill is going to be carried out in the most incompetent manner that you can conceive.

Here's a scenario: you may not be racist, but you support workplace raids. Do you think the government will carry out their kidnappings in a colorblinded way? I don't think so.

Or maybe you support increased Border Patrol agents along the U.S./Mexico border. Do you think that they won't abuse their power and murder innocents? Good luck with that.

And then there's this, the latest "unintentional" act of imperialism. Never Mind that this portion of the Great Wall™ has been in place for seven years. Oops!

So what makes anyone - ANYONE - think that this government can be trusted to carry out immigration reform in a humane manner.

Touchbacks? Right - the people in the shadows are supposed to trust them to keep their end of the bargain if they return to their home countries before eligibility for a visa that does nothing to solve the economic plate of shit they're served regularly by the corporate world.

Get. Real.

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