Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tancredo Should Be Mocked Repeatedly

You know, at some point, all I can do is point and laugh at the idiocy.

Tancredo, a Colorado congressman, announced his "Save America Campaign" hours before he and nine other candidates were to participate in a Republican debate in New Hampshire.

"This bill grants amnesty to over 15 million illegal aliens," Tancredo said. "It will cost the American taxpayers trillions, bankrupt our Social Security system and speed the day that America becomes a bilingual nation. It does nothing to secure our borders: This bill must be stopped and it must be stopped now."

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Where to begin...

  1. Apparently 15 million is the new arbitrary number, since the estimated 12 million doesn't sound scary enough to him. The truth is, we don't know because the system is broken.
  2. "Will cost the taxpayers trillions" - really? Why doesn't he just cite a googolplex and be done with it? A tray of cookies to any reporters that ask him why he feels justification for money being spent on wall construction despite countless examples across centuries of history that show their ineffectiveness.
  3. Bankrupting Social Security, eh? Yep, that's exactly what happens when you bring untold legions of workers into the legal system - where they start to pay their 6.2% contributions. Get real, Tom
  4. Quick! Grab your guns! The invaders are coming! They're going to tie you and your family up and force you to learn *gasp* another language besides the language of Jeebus! I mean, seriously, any United States Representative should be mocked and laughed into oblivion for openly advocating the ongoing ignorance of the masses. Learning more than one language is a Good Thing™ and will become more widespread in the future as the global community becomes more inter-connected. Meanwhile, nativists like Tancredo will be left stumbling around the nursing home with a translator to ask for a diaper change.
  5. This bill does nothing to secure the borders? More lies. If the current "compromise" stands as it is, there will be a significant addition to Border Patrol agents, more walls and "virtual barriers" and the workplace raids will continue unabated. Nothing? Pfffft. If that were true, I might actually like the thing, but alas, it adds significantly to the destruction of the fronteralands.
Tonight, the GOP candidates for President will be debating. Tancredo is already gearing up to have a cat fight with St. McCain over immigration. Time to pop the Kettle Korn and enjoy the sideshow.

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