Sunday, June 17, 2007

Come one, Come all, to the Eegeehood Someday Tour!

OMG, where have you all been?? Oh wait... what do you mean you've been here? Without me!? The nerve! That's okay tho, all is forgiven (ahem). No time for recriminations when there is peeking to do!

*Looks at Bud... wanders off whistling to get her peeking gear*

First up... gasp. Deano. The art crit. I think he has decided that we are all a bunch of heathens who cannot appreciate good art (or even know what we are looking at... okay, so that's just me, but still), and so he's decided not to... to... hang up his red pen! Thanks for all the intros to the new artists and ways of looking at art, deano! Hopefully you'll be back and critiquing again one day.

All righty then... I'll just say that if you have a dentist phobia, wave at Family Man from afar! Not that he's a dentist, mind you, but he's been having an awful lot of contact with them lately and while I am sure they are very nice people at home or at the pool... just remember, in their own offices they reign! In happier news, Cat still lives (amazingly).

Original James had much the same reaction to the new "Save Darfur" music and cd effort that I did. I think heart's are in the right place, but still. Also - taking off from a post of Arthur Silber's, he explores some facets of white heterosexual privilege and victim blaming - should make for an interesting discussion! And Katrina victims might be considering negotiating with France to buy back Louisiana in order to get some help down there. There is much more there, scroll down! Jazzy James may be still in Vegas, but in case you missed all the Miles Davis stuff to download... go look!

[UPDATE!] Wow, did you know we were painting a most excellent building? Well, by "we" I mean boran, but anyway... I quite like that building! Mind you, if I saw it in person it might make me seasick, but I love the curves in the painting. I can't wait to see how we finish it! Also, while boran may lean left his logo, I'm sad to say, leans right in my foxy browser! What say you? And contemptuous familiarity - don't we know it well!

ILJ highlights and talks about a Foreign Policy article, and details the interlocking fortunes of a trio of major players, whose causes feed each other, in the Middle East region. Also, is is possible for the US military to win the hearts and minds of Iraqis after all this time? A Marine captain gives his opinion and ILJ brings it to us.

Have I got some moos for you! It's about Olivia, of course. See, it's like this - Olivia didn't have any clouds, but she did have this cow-- don't ask me why Olivia has a cow--so anyway, no clouds but there is a cow with a cloud nose just sitting there, and so... I mean, what would you do? But, that's not all! Then this Friday there's this frog (yes, a frog! and not a flowery one, either) up there that obviously doesn't believe a word I, or anyone else, just said! And, then, in between skeptical frogs and cloudy nosed cows, she has lovely flowers and bees! Go look!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] It took me a long time to figure out who Jessica Alba was... but it looks like it's taking even a longer time for her to figure it out! Sad. Nezua has compassion and advice. Oh man, superheroes I can identify with! Aren't they great? Also, don't you think it's about time that casting directors sort of, you know, choose people who already look the part? Well, unless the part is Chewbacca or something - (nothing against any Chewbacca lookalikes, by the way). There is more there, but not as much as usual cuz the chronicles of Nezua have taken an unexpected turn this month. Oh wait! I almost forgot... haunting, fascinating and well worth it... this time, it's go listen!

katiebird is continuing on her quest to educate people on healthcare and get the politicians moving! They don't know that they are dealing with someone who is firmed daily, so they'd better watch out! Oh hey, she's on two weeks vacation now - but is not going on a cruise or anything! Not even to the vibrating tanning beds, that I can see. Also, this is an older post, from the eat4today lounge, but one that is definitely still timely... What will the ‘homeless’ do when our libraries go virtual?

Manny has bunches of good stuff here, too! Old buses, water woes and more (what was a double decker bus doing in Az anyway?) Also, he wants to know if there are any old buses (or news!) in your part of the world... so tell him! And making fun of Ahnold, as everyone should do. We should have a rally and, in a coordinated way, shout phrases in Spanish at him. See if he melts. There is more there, scroll down, scroll down!

All done! If I've forgotten anyone, let me know.

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