Thursday, June 21, 2007

Minutemen outnumbered by Human Activists

There is a story in the Oregonian about the Children of the Del Monte Human Raid

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This is no longer America. I am no longer "fighting" to get my country "back". I am now fighting for our right to BE. I am fighting so that we all can live together. I am fighting so that we can HAVE a country, a world, a planet.

As you can see, the Peace Activists, unlike the Hate Mongers, didn't need to cover their faces or identities. Most of the Minutemen and their supporters wore headcoverings or bandanas. They looked and acted like terrorists. People stood right next to the "terrorists", at many times they blocked their signs with their own or with their bodies, families. Which was much more effective than a typical stand-off where people took up sides on opposing streets. I think the Minutemen and their supporters were caught off guard by this tactic.

The below was written by a fellow Portland peace activist who goes by the name Joe Anybody. The "Seriously Pissed Off Grannies" (mostly made up of CodePinkers) are part of the notorious and effective Surge Brigade. They had been arrested during Fleet Week for attempting to block tanks in the street.

More photos are at Portland Indymedia's site and I'm sure more stories and accounts will come out.

"I went to show support and solidarity against the HATE protest

I am posting the minutemen signs as "news to those who were not there" but don't want to post these in a way to help spread their message

There is a 20 min video I took that I will post here on Indy Media by tomorrow morning at the latest.

It was a nice turnout of Human Right Supporters

The Seriously Pissed Off Grannies had a city Hall meeting on an un related issue of having TANKS on our city streets. When they came out of the front doors into the "protest zone" they were chanting and marching side by side. I didn't quite hear well what they were saying ...but I got it on film. When they came out with their march .....the energy ratcheted up and the minute men started getting louder to voice their (sic) message.

Those Grannies are everywhere.... (thank goodness)
Good Support and solidarity by lots of loving people for the Human Rights of all people."

I am very honored to be a member of CodePink, a friend of Manny's and most importantly - a human being. Wars are illegal. People aren't.

Manny thank you for granting me the ability to post my thoughts on your most impressive blog.

Paz & Courage.

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