Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hugh Hewitt - Arizona's Newest Senator

Senator Kyl, who has emerged out of St. McCain's shadow like a palo verde root borer, is now considered the lead negotiator for the GOP in holding together any "compromise" the Senate produces. The problem is, he brings ideas and suggestions to the table that come straight from the dung heap.

The top Senate Republican negotiator on immigration said he has heard the complaints of conservative talk-radio show hosts and bloggers, and will try to change the immigration bill to accommodate them.


'Cause, you know, when one wants some objectivity, the talk-radio circuit is the first place to go!

In talking with reporters, Mr. Kyl singled out radio host Hugh Hewitt and called him "a very smart lawyer ... who I really respect."

"He had several issues and I haven't had the ability to run all of them to ground, but we're trying to include some of his specific suggestions," Mr. Kyl said.

Was anyone else aware that Hewitt has become the newest Senator from Arizona? I must've chucked that memo in the circular file where it belongs.

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