Friday, June 22, 2007

More Bodies Recovered From the Desert

A deadly week in the Sonoran Desert
Border Patrol agents have found five dead illegal border crossers since Monday, including two Thursday in the Interstate 19 corridor.

And how convenient that the Star's article finishes up with mention of drug trafficking.
In other border news, agents found 133 bundles of marijuana weighing more than ton inside a blue Dodge pickup they stopped in the Ruby Road area near Rio Rio, DeWitt said. Border Patrol cameras saw the suspicious truck cross the border and agents matched the truck further north.

They followed it into a residential area where the driver and passenger pulled into a driveway and fled. They caught one of them and turned the person over to the Drug Enforcement Administration, DeWitt said. The 2,248 pounds has an estimated value of $2.248 million, according to figures from the National Drug Intelligence Center.
A note to Brady McCombs and any other mainstream reporter that covers la frontera: These are two completely separate issues.

Do not conflate them both with your journalistic laziness. You desecrate the memory of the people who have paid the ultimate price searching for economic survival by seamlessly fusing the two. It is fucking offensive.

Man, that pisses me off.

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