Friday, March 02, 2007

Colorado Hitching a Ride on the Hate Train Too

Thanks to Arcturus for the initial heads up on this. Duke over at Migra Matters and Digby over at Hullabaloo also weigh in. And now, here's the United Farmworkers call to action:
Slavery is illegal in the United States...or that’s what we believe. However, it looks like modern day slavery has just been OK’d in the great state of Colorado.

Yesterday's Los Angeles Times features an article called "Colorado to use inmates to fill migrant shortage". It seems that Colorado's farmers have been having a labor shortage ever since passing what its Legislature promoted as the nation's toughest laws against illegal immigration last summer.

Their solution: Use convicts as farm workers.


E-mail Colorado's Governor today and tell him that allowing growers to hire prisoners to work in the agriculture is nothing more than legalized slavery. Tell him the solution to the nation's immigration crisis is not prison labor.
I knew we were living in the 00 decade, just wasn't aware it meant the 1800s.

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