Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yes, Virginia, it IS Sunday... tour!

I know, I know... who said I could call you Virginia, eh? Well, don't be upset! I call everyone Virginia, from time to time... except actual people who are named Virginia mostly because... well... I don't know any! Do you?

It does not matter what your name is, though, because this isn't called the name tour! And peeking doesn't involve looking at birth certificates (unless, of course, they are in a post) so there! On with our nameless, sort of, tour!

First up, Olivia has gone... well, no, what I mean to say is that Olivia has potted plants! These come in handy in the winter, when one's backyard is just a tad monochrome. But still lovely! Just no match for tulips and daffydills.

Original James has tolling Donkle prose, from which I sense a bit of displeasure! Also, is the bottom falling out of suburbia? And, imagination... and just think if more people had one. (Jazzy James is still on hiatus... I believe he and original James are at that 'separate vacations' state of their relationship.)

Peace is still gone wild, especially at Janet's place! You should start from the top and scroll down, to read about the "peace keepers" *cough* at the Portland protest.... AND, meet some of those who were actually protesting for peace.

[UPDATE!] ILJ thinks the weather is just right for Al Gore... to run for president! Don't know if Gore agrees... also, an excellent and informative look back at the trailblazers in integrating baseball!

Nezua's site is like Lay's potato chips... it's always difficult to pick just one. Or even just three! I mean, once one encounters a Bloggle of Wogglers, what then is a graceful segue to the poetry of Querida Primavera, Ella Regresa? Not to mention the "hey, wait a minute!"s of correcting faulty, deliberately or not, history - even if one does get to watch them cook the history books in real time! Can't be done, without leaving out lots... too much good stuff there, so start at the top can scroll down!


[UPDATE AGAIN!] Whew! Good thoughts held fast for Family Man and family! Sigh of relief! However, the pesky weather keeps getting better(?) and the grass keeps growing and having to be mowed and soon out will come... the weedeater! If it's not still out by the pond, with the snakes, that is.

I think this is my new favorite car. Of course, I could be persuaded that other old cars are my favorites but... this is the one that is here now, so it takes first place! And it's coming along nicely too... soon will be ready to drive off the lot. And sometimes... commercialization is a good thing... how cool would it be to have your corner mailbox be R2-D2!? Lots more there besides... scroll down, scroll down!

Arcturus is highlighting the recent murder of a transgender woman and some of the dangers faced by transpersons daily... a good and informative read. Also, it wouldn't be Arcuturus without some poetry... and I do love this title: "The Insurgents" - "belligerent naked Indy stalks". And the wealthy looting from the poor - makes the world go round. Don't miss that, and other things there!

Over at katiebird's, catdog has an interesting idea... save the cheerleader, save the... oh wait, that was something else. No, no, they wonder if maybe by changing ourselves, we can change the world? Also, are you being firmed and committed daily? If not, hope over to eat4today and get started!

Whoa... deano's site is a bit bun-ny today! And other things, but the picture is too small for me to tell what. This may be a good thing. Also, the mountains, the bottom of the ocean, the desert and possibly the Louvre, all in one rock! Or something. And, sling it like Pollock!

All done! Maybe. If I've forgotten anyone, let me know in comments - some haven't updated, some have moved on and others have said NO PEEKING! gasp.

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