Sunday, March 18, 2007

Oh, the weather outside is delightful... Sunny Sunday Tour!

Mind you, I hear some places are still having winter! Can you imagine? Snow and ice and all those mythical things... well, mythical to some of us, that is! I do think it's easier to empathize, though, when it's down into the 30's and 40s here.. brrr! But when it's almost 90, like it was yesterday? In March?? Sorry, no can do!

I can still visit though! And be nosy! So, let's go!

Meta, meta bo betta, fee fie... okay, well you know the rest, but I'm just letting you know that there is mo meta at mo betta! Ms Xeno is not buying it! And she wants you to not buy it too! Or something like that. You'll have to read it and see what you should be not buying! Also, an interesting discussion, from catnip, going on about the future of blogging... which is something of interest to many people! I bet you have some ideas, so don't be shy! Acturus alerts us a gathering of progressives this summer, who are working for real change in this country and others! And no, the gathering doesn't rhyme with "merely gloss"!

Olivia, Olivia... what can you do with her? Not content with photographing the inner bits of various beauties, she's not gone on to expose the seat of government! Also, look who's peeking now!

By the way... just a reminder that everybody still comes from somewhere! And you can too, just stop on by!

[UPDATE!] [update! too] spotted in the comments... a no caps kangaroo! which gives us not only a good excuse to ignore the caps key in this particular post, but we also can speak in the... the... royal person and not sound weird! since we've not visited for a while, just start at the top and scroll down!

Hmmm.... I think katiebird is getting into numerology! Don't ask me why, you'll have to go see for yourself. Also, catdog is saying that 42 is NOT the answer! Dancing is. (I think they might be a Suspicious Personage). We'll keep an eye on them! (Also, have you noticed the preponderance of fur and feathers there?)

Well! I was over at Nezua's, trying to get a synopsis of this article, when I decided I had to read the whole thing! And so I did, and so should you! Some of that "sit down at the typewriter and open a vein" type of writing. Also, don't miss his Colonizers of the World award for 2006! And, more shame to this nation (the US), but there are things that we can do to help care for the children left behind.

[UPDATE AGAIN!] I think I like this picture! Over at deano's, that is... an Atlantic Twilight! You can tell it's the Atlantic cuz the water is a nice blue, instead of a muddy green. Also, when was the last time you critiqued a political cartoon? Now's your chance! And ohh, la la?

You know one thing I've noticed... catnip has totally stopped thinking on Sunday! But she still does lots of other stuff, like reveals Tory spies and banishes bloggers and peeks in on Tory training camps, so we forgive her for being without thought!

Our car is getting cooler by the day! Boran is adding details and changing the tires and soon... soon... it'll be ready! And also, we get to wave buh-bye to someone, cuz the Tribal Council did the right thing and voted them off the island! And it looks like a win for the good guys, for once!

ILJ has tons of interviews this past week! Okay, so he didn't do them all, but he's highlighting them - and such a variety too... from Senator Jim Webb, to an advocate for the homeless, Rev. Chuck Currie, and then his own interview with peace and justice advocate Marisa Handler! Go listen and read!

[UPDATE THE LAST!] Well, I seem to have somehow offended that great deity, Halo Scan, and it has zapped my post with lightning and removed the comments! ONLY from the tour post!

*ponders whether to light a petitioning fire... or just to set haloscan on fire instead*

Still, we have a few more people to visit, so here we come!

Arcturus has words from that former politician that progressives *cough* love to hate... Cynthia McKinney! Standing up to power is a good thing, as long as you don't do it tooo openly or often, you see.

We must send Family Man and Family Mom pillows, bubble wrap and good thoughts! Take care of yourselves and best of luck and good health to the rest of the family, too!

Original James has bunches of good stuff! You'll need to start at the top and scroll down and read it all! Some of it is short, some long (he has a piece here at Manny's too, scroll down, scroll down!). I think Jazzy James is sort of hiatusing again, though!

All done! I think... if I've missed you um... well... if the great Halo Scan gives comments back, tell me there!
[COMMENT UPDATE!] They are back! And, no matter what anyone says, it was Not My Fault that they disappeared in the first place! Really!

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