Wednesday, March 07, 2007

No Child Left Behind? Try 100

Keep it up, Department of Homeland Security. You are proving your worth as robotic minions to an inhumane government.
Dozens of young children were stranded at schools and with baby-sitters after their parents were rounded up by federal authorities who raided a leather goods maker suspected of hiring illegal immigrants, authorities said Wednesday.

About two-thirds of the 500 employees of Michael Bianco Inc., mostly women, were detained Tuesday by immigration officials for possible deportation as illegal aliens.

As a result, about 100 children were stuck with baby sitters, caretakers and others, said Corinn Williams, director of the Community Economic Development Center of Southeastern Massachusetts.

"We're continuing to get stories today about infants that were left behind," she said. "It's been a widespread humanitarian crisis here in New Bedford."

And to the worthless sacks of mostly-water on Capitol Hill: a big hearty 'Fuck You' for standing by and doing nothing.

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