Sunday, March 11, 2007

It's Two, Two... Two Sundays in One! (maybe)

Having decided that set days of the week are just an imperialistic construct (you remember when we decided that, no?), I see no reason why we can't just move last Sunday to this Sunday and have a biiiiiigggg tour!

Okay, well, maybe not. We'll see how long that lasts, or rather... how long I last! Even I am not an indefatigable peeker!

I've just gotta tell you... it's Tough Times in Family Land! Poor Family Man and Family Mom spent last week decrepiting. What? What do you mean that's not a word!? It is here, cuz I have been decrepiting too, at an alarming rate! Get well soon FMom and FMan! I hope this week is better! There is good news though... for one thing, Cat somehow still lives. Outside... Also, don't miss Family Mom's reminiscing!

ILJ notes the difference between principled partisanship and hyperpartisanship... and who better to make that point with that our hyperpartisan, hyperpolitical Attorney General? Also, a perspective on the Scooter Libby thing... he's collateral damage. ILJ also has two related pieces on the US prison system... which could use a lot more scrutiny. First, he wonders if anyone cares about the prison industrial complex, and then... we are still institutionalizing the mentally ill... only this time, in prisons.

A free press? There are doubts! Arcturus details some of them, with examples, in a discussion of the info wars and freeing the press. And the dangers of short term pragmatism... especially when it comes to stores of nuclear materials. I didn't even know the Congo had a nuclear agency... but it seems the US helped build it many years ago, and now there are repercussions. Also, Arundhati Roy is writing a new book! Lots more there besides, including Ecuador wanting the US out NOW! (what are we doing there in the first place?)... start at the top and scroll down! [little update!] Arcturus points out also this - music from the Afghan/Pakistani border region!

[UPDATE!] Olivia has peaches! I bet she's not sharing either... and really, can you blame her? Would you share this beauty? (even if it does eat icky things - where is it that one shops for those delicacies known as, um... bloodworms?).
This is pretty peachie too! Or strawberry shortcakey, if you prefer. And I ask you... where else but Olivia's would you find photos of a bug trying on new shoes? Don't miss the cloud blogging!

Boran is tricking us! Not only are our condos not ready for occupancy... but all development work has stopped on them! For now! All is not lost tho... instead, we have another super cool car! I like the old cars best... they had personality! Also, shocked? I think not, Captain Renault!

Well! One thing we know about Original James. He has some radical view points but he's not completely nuts! Only 56% nuts, apparently... that's better than Planter's! Also he has updates for the Bloggers Against Torture blogroll... scoot on over there and see what's up. His friend Bill Chambers sounds like he would have been an interesting guy to know. And ahh... pictures and their thousand words... especially in political campaigns! We missed the return of Jazzy James, so you may not know about the new offering... Okyerema Asante: Drum Message. Sounds like a treat!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] I give up before I've even begun! Uncle! Mea cul... oh wait, I didn't do anything wrong. I mean um... well, there is just no way I can condense some folk's 2 weeks worth of stuff, even a tiny bit - we love prolific writers, except at tour time! Well we love them still, even then, but what I mean is... no no, um I mean ... okay, maybe now is the time for that mea culpa!

Aha! It looks like any number of chickens are finally finding their way home to roost... catnip tells of the Canadian Defense Ministers efforts at damage control, in the human rights and detainees issue. And no surprise at this finger in the political corruption pie... clean hands are foreign to Rove. And don't miss this post about the rights of women in Canada. So many places are falling down on that, sigh.

Far from toppling over, katiebird has been Up To Things! Well, being firmed daily, of course... but also, she's dissecting Sen. Wyden's health care plan... does it go far enough? And talking about the importance of underwear! Oh wait... who's that!? (No no, it's not poor Britney, shame on you!). It's the ambiguously named catdog, who is now a contributor there! Welcome catdog... hopefully katie has explained to you that weekly we... well... peek! Publicly!

Duke is tired of the euphemisms and thinks it's time to call it what it is... mass deportations. I agree! He also discusses a recent study that may hold some surprising results for some... on the effects of immigrant workers on wages and self employment! And a round-up of immigration news - some of it is from a week or so ago, but there are stories there I missed!

[UPDATE SOME MORE!] There is, perhaps not surprisingly, meta at mo betta! scribe talks about rules and leaders and communities! And catnip ponders that recent NY Times "to do" list, for the Bush admin. Then she takes on big box blogs and the disaffiliated! And, of course, conversation everywhere in open and targeted threads.

Nezua talks about language and accents and growing up, and also how Bush wins over Latin American. Do I sense a little tongue in cheek there? And a beautiful tribute to the women of his family and to others everywhere, for the International Women's Day in El Respeto y El Amor por Las Mujeres. There is lots more there besides, including a cool post that tells you how to play with all the different styles and customize your reading.

I bet you don't know what we almost missed at deano's... The potato hunter! Ah, art. Speaking of... string, birds and houses... what else could it be but "Tracing the Impact"? Also, neat photos of Amsterdam and Kenney Mencher's "Trip"!

XicanoPwr details the private prisons for immigrants, and how they were sold under the "national security" blanket. Also he is issuing a call to action, on some of the issues confronting all of us today.

dove has an open, but not empty! thread and I have a question in the comments there. Also, I have actually written something, even if it's just to let everyone know that I don't like any of them. Political choices, that is.

All done! I think. Don't forget to scroll down, scroll down! And read Manny's pieces... on international women's day and the children left behind to fend for themselves, once again, after a govt raid and more besides!

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