Tuesday, November 07, 2006

AZ Latinos Being Targeted By Thugs At Polls

I wonder if it's Roy Warden?

Nina Perales, a senior poll-watcher for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), called me from Tucson's Iglesia Bautista precinct, where the three men are approaching Latino voters and videotaping them on their way to vote.

"As voters are coming out of their cars and walking up towards their polls, one person is videotaping the voter as he walks towards the polling place," she said. Then another person, wearing an American flag bandana and a shirt with the image of a badge ironed or embroidered on it, approaches with a clipboard to talk to the voter. "While the clipboard person is. . .talking to [the voter], the cameraperson comes up and starts videotaping their face," Perales said.

As this happens, the third man -- with a gun visible in a sideholster -- stands next to the voter. According to Perales, he is wearing a shirt with an American flag on it, and camouflage shorts.

Via TPMmuckraker

I'm not surprised that it's happening. I am surprised, however, that it is making its way out into a bigger media forum.

Lofty Donkey sent the following alert this morning regarding a vigilante movement that promised to cause problems today.
We will be exercising our “First Amendment Right to Free Speech” at the preceint polling locations protesting that “foreign nationals – legal & illegal” are being allowed to vote in our elections. We will do this on the grounds of the English Language. No speak English – No Vote! ~ IT IS THE LAW! We will have a Citizens initiated “English Only Petition” and we will lawfully ask each voter to sign the Petition. Those who cannot speak English and are under 75 will be photographed and posted on the Internet as a suspected illegal voter.

linkage to vigilante site
And don't forget Roy Warden's threat from earlier this week in the comments here at my blog:
Hay, Mexican Illegals.

Eschuchame. You are right to be afraid. Be very afraid. Because sometime in the night La Migra is comming to get you.

If you you try to vote in Pima County this Tuesday, I will take your picture and turn you in to a La Migra.

Grijalva has said: "Today we march, tomorrow we vote!" To which I now add: "And the next day you go to prison!"

You are going to cover me in yellow banana mush? Nice guts. You, who run away from the dream of Zapata, you, who are too cowardly to help Marcos to fight for a free Mexico, you, who turn your children over to Catholic Priests to sodomize, you are going to cover me with banana mush!

Nice Guts!!

Let's see how many of you have the huevos to vote on Tuesday!


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