Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Sunday Peering Through the Clouds Tour!

At least we're not peering through the windows, no? Or rather, we are, but only at those who are ready to be peered at!

It's one of those rare overcast days here - hours and HOURS of no sun... soon people will be fixin' to get crabby! But not us, cuz we've got a tour to do!

First up, The Returnees!

dove is back! Yay! And she has a great piece up that was for Halloween, but I think it fits any time of the year. A bit spooky, a bit retrospective, and all excellent!

Power to the bleating baby tapir siren! Now others just have to hear it.

Also, Family Man! He wasn't around last week, having taken slacking to the heights and doing odd things like getting operated on (I think?) But now he's back and has photos! Really neat ones too, including one of a very Odd Bug!

Imagine a Sunday Food for Thought! You'll find that at catnip's, along with a Tory meltdown (sounds good to me!) and a very surprising (*cough*) verdict in Iraq!

[UPDATE!] katiebird wonders how we can keep our eyes off the food and on the goal, this eating season. Have tips? Let her know! Also, being firmed daily and conquering Tootsie Rolls!

Jazzy James has some excellent finds, Marion Brown, some of which is "quite freaky with the vocal whoops of Jeanne Lee." How can you resist!? Also, Original James is going to go subversive for Guy Fawkes Day! And "In his own words" - Dr Shepherd Bliss on torture. And more besides!

Don't miss the updates our Manny has right here on the revolution in Oaxaca! And lots more... scroll down, scroll down!

Olivia has what looks like a Very Big Bug... but maybe it's really just a very small flower. Also, what a view from the office window! With a bird too! And some very obliging leaves... I think nature sees Olivia coming with her camera and just naturally strikes a pose. Don't you?

[UPDATE THE LAST! maybe] Nezua has music, a CD and some questions! Also, striving to understand the world we are born into! (Don't you sometimes wish the options were multiple choice? "I want that world!") And an Oaxaca update - understanding patterns is important.

Deano... the art crit. I think this painting-photo-painting thing is neat! Go look and see what you think.

ILJ has been bizzy phone banking! And has the story of Jane. One person at a time works!

It's coming along! Our new painting at Boran's, that is. Structures have appeared! And that's always good, even though we know Boran's penchant for tearing down structures and planting hills instead. And what do you do if you have a successful, long-term program that provides many benefits to society? Why, you cut the funding and try and close it down, of course, if you are the Bush admin! And, scat!

All done! I think. Some haven't updated, but let me know if I've forgotten anyone... new browser and missing half my links.

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