Monday, November 06, 2006

For the Wonks Among Us: Congresspedia

Thanks to Conor for the email and the reminder to spread the word about Congresspedia.
Congresspedia, the wiki-based "citizens' encyclopedia on Congress," has seen a huge influx of visitors (on the order of 60,000-80,000 a day) trying to find information on the election. To serve that need we've decided to "wiki the vote": state-by-state listings of all the people running for seats in Congress this year and profiles of the challengers with a decent shot at winning (we're up to about 100) to compliment those we have on each member of Congress. We'd like to get you involved in helping us document the winners of the races as they come in as well as helping us flesh out the profiles and create new ones for the challengers we haven't gotten to, yet. All the information you need is here:
Tomorrow night is going to be insane as the polls close around the country and we find out what type of political climate awaits us for the last two years of Bush's Maniacal Tantrum Presidency.

As an FYI, here are the Congresspedia pages for:
And Dem candidates:
I already spotted some typos so the pages could use revising. You can sign up here if the Flying Spaghetti Monster's Spirit moves you to assist. They are looking for people to help Live Blog the result tomorrow.

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