Sunday, November 19, 2006

Vote early and often Sunday Tour!

I bet you thought all the voting was done and over with, didn't you? Little did you know! It's that time again... time for you to vote today, tomorrow and every day! Well, at least until we hear that...

"liberal catnip is voted best progressive blog and best new blog and Olivia (parvum opus) is voted best photo blog in the Canadian Blog awards!"

But we've not heard that yet and we have through Tuesday to get them through the first round. So... go vote! Daily! Just as if you were being firmed daily, as katie would say. If I was putting words in her mouth, that is. Just look for their blog names in those categories, click the little round thingy beside their names and then hit submit!

Okay and what else is going on... hmmmm,

Gasp! Nezua is having Troubles! Computer Troubles - the endless crash syndrome, to be specific. I know those well, sigh. Heh, as an aside, doesn't this sound familiar?

On one hand, I laugh. Because I've never felt confident in storing a combination of my address book, my recording studio, my drawing table, canvas, portfolio, novels-in-progress, file cabinet, record collection, and attic boxes o' memorabilia all together in one magical, untouchable, unknowable bundle o' electrons and silicon. And then on the other hand, because I do it anyway, I freak out when I'm done laughing.
It does to me! Anyway, he may be offline for a bit, sadly. It's at times like this when it seems like a really good idea to have capitalist friends! This reminds me that I'd love to start a "Emergency Bartering and Care and Feeding of Artistic, Clueless About Money Lefties Who Give Away Their Work For Free" fund (I'd be one of the customers!) because, boy, do we need one. And bartering skills and caring for one another is an age old (even though now much derided by some) thing in various communities. Anyway, it's not hobby horse time, it's tour time! So there is lots of new stuff there tho, scroll down, scroll down!

It's ILJ's one year anniversary! Happy Blogiversary! Finally someone has one close to tour time, instead of in the middle of the week! He has a wonderful retrospective on his past year, how it all came about, and goals and stuff. And I'm not just saying that because there is a note there for me, me, me! Go read!

I dunno... me, I think supersoling might be asking a bit much. Sure, it would be a much more pleasant... for someone... way of dealing with this, but... omg trying to imagine world leaders doing things the Bonobo Way. Gack! Also, this resonates, for sure.

[UPDATE!] Original James wonders who Jesus would audit? Definitely someone who is anti-war, no doubt. Or... maybe not. Also, even tho sometimes it seems as if progress is made by inches... those inches add up! News on the campaign against the School of the Americas (regardless of what they are calling themselves now). Over at Jazzy James, he has an album that is what it is, and which sounds interesting. Also, Marion Brown: Duets. And more stuff... go look! and listen! Reminds me of spending the day in one of those Music City store booths, headphones on and spinning albums.

How can you resist a story about Eat Watches? Working OR broken? You can't, so go read about katiebird's watch! Glycemic indexes may not be quite as fun, but are very useful! Also, don't forget to get firmed daily and to lounge around!

Sparks are flying from that fluffy pink house on the corner! And Janet has No Apologies! Good for her. Also, here (below) and there, she has an article that she wrote a year ago that is just as wonderful today. Read on!

[UPDATE AGAIN!] For a minute I thought that catnip was so excited about being up for Best New Blog and Best Progressive Blog at the Canadian Blog Awards (go vote!), that she forgot to think for Sunday... but I was wrong! She is indeed thinking lots of thoughts about Stuff this Sunday! Also, I love this tradition of wearing the clothing of the host country for photos at these summits... makes for a great time. For the viewers! And Kissinger is talking again, about the Iraq occupation. Worry.

Family Man has been really slacking off on slacking, lately! In fact, have you noticed that you can get exhausted just reading about his efforts to achieve slack time!?

Hot rod! Okay, well maybe not... but the car in Boran's painting is red! Woo hoo! Mind you, the hills are also red at this particular time, but still! What if the coal mine is the entire world? Who notices the canaries then? And shoo, you!

Where the META is MoBetta, catnip has a very interesting footnote to her "What is Progressive Politics, Anyway?" query. I need to get over there and comment... I've got stuff to say! I know, I know... hard to believe.

Olivia is stacking the deck! Surely no one else who is up for Best Photo Blog (go vote!) in the Canadian blog awards knows a thing about inner bits! This one reminds me of some sort of exotic sea creature. Also, the sun is posing! See? what did I tell you. Proof right there, Best Photo Blog!

Oh! Our Manny isn't feeling well but I'm sure it's not because he ate a whole orange cheesecake by himself! He probably shared some with Bud. Get well soon, Manny!

I forgot! I was going to do a plug... and now that I've remembered, I'm going to do it. I really like firefox, now that I've gotten it working for me, but there is an addon for it that I just love. Well, more than one, but if you do research or like to gather articles or even snippets of them and keep them all in one place... Scrapbook is the addon for you! There are others that save links online, and in sort of a community (think digg or furl, etc) type fashion, but this takes a snapshot of an entire page, and you can copy and paste from it, highlight stuff before (or after, I think) saving (offline), organize into folders, search the folders and all sorts of things. Such a time saver/organizer I've found it to be, so you might like it too! Okay, that's all.

All done! I think? Maybe. Unless I've forgotten you, in which case you should yell and stomp your feet and tell me so! Okay, well you can just leave a comment too.

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