Friday, November 03, 2006

The Irony! It Burns! It Burns!

In an effort to beef up his free-speech credentials, Jerome a Paris has posted the controversial cartoon du jour over on the frontpage at EuroTrib and also as a diary at DailyKos (which just hit the recommended list).

Kos himself writes in the comments:

Thank god (5+ / 0-)

Jerome is there to stand for the freedom of the repressive Ayatollahs to spread their anti-semite propaganda! What would they have done without him?

Most ridiculous diary ever. Worst timed diary ever.

Do the right thing and get this shit off the site. Or, at the very least, wait until next Wednesday to repost.

It looks like instead of nuking the diary, Jerome has changed the title to "Please consider unrecommending" which the hordes have apparently done as it has now slipped off The List.

I don't know if my pretty little mind can handle the irony all at the once of an offensive image being propagated to stand up for the rights of free speech only to be suppressed again as it is not the right time. Reminds me of two of my college buddies who had a conversation that went something like this:

"Damn, I have so much energy right now!"

"You wanna go back to my dorm room and have sex?"

"No thanks, I have a chem test to study for"

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