Sunday, November 26, 2006

sunday stroll downtown. and uptown. and inbetween town too!

It's Sunday again, and the end of a very full week! In more ways than one, for many of us! Not that I stuffed myself this Thursday or anything... I find that when one is the cook, the food just doesn't hold as much interest... of course, some might say that that is what everyone says, when the cook is me, but we won't mention that!

First up... gasp! Boran is having an art fair, and I went to Family Man's place to find out what it was all about (because he usually always has his finger on the pulse of the events and fairs) and.... there was nothing there! This is sheer pain for us nosy people! Thus, I am making a petition. Cover your ears!

Dear Boran (and Family Man too),

Please tell us what the Art Fair is all about.

Whew! Sorry about that. Now that that's out of the way (and once you recover), on with the tour!

Since we are already there, Boran has made progress on the painting of the stuff surrounding the car! More lights and shadows and stuff, and the beginnings of planting. Also, EPA 451... lol, took me a minute to get that one, but it works! And, tata, so long, seeya!

Whew! Family Man hasn't completely fallen down on the News for the Nosy job! Olivia (parvum opus) has made it to the second round of voting in the Canadian Blog Awards for best photo blog! Go vote! You can vote once for her EVERY DAY! Also, it may be just me, but I am not quite sure that Muciod Man will catch on... then again, some things do tend to spread like a virus! And his backup can be the Kleenex Brigade, who the evil NyQuillians are always trying to make redundant!

Speaking of Olivia (and we were), she has more inner bits! These ones remind her of mop heads, but they remind me of little dancers feet, doing floor exercises. What's your opinion? And, to top off her blog competition toppings, she has a bug! It's well known that no one can resist bugs (in photos, at least) so there's the winning photo right there! And, in case you've forgotten in the past 2 minutes... don't forget to vote! Parvum Opus, best photo blog.

This is going to be the first real test of the Eegeeroots! If she wins, Olivia promises to ... to... uh... to not be a politician! I bet none of the others have, so obviously the Eegeeroots choice is Olivia! Yay!

[UPDATE!] Original James has a Thanksgiving Weekend postmortem, chock full of interesting, informative and thought provoking posts. Also, the Iraq Week in Review. Over at Nothing Is (which is where Jazzy James hangs out) it's all about Sunny Murray! What a find... get yours here and here.

About catnip... I have good news and bad news. The bad news... she's too good! By getting herself on two lists for the Canadian blog awards, it appears that caused people to split their votes (or instead of and), and so she just missed out being in the top five. The good news is... she's still good! So next year she won't be on the best new blog list and we can concentrate the votes on the best liberal blog list. UNLESS... she goes and gets herself on the best blog list too. Sigh! Such a burden. Anyway, the Sunday Food for Thought today? All I can say is "awww". Also, she thinks that if Britain loves Ignatieff so much... they should have him! I agree! And it seems there is controversy over the burned mosques in Iraq... who is telling the truth? catnip investigates!

It's almost New Years! And you know what that means. Well, one of the things, anyway... time to visit katiebird! Well, not that we don't visit her every week, but still - it's not every week that she writes about the lean plate club holiday challenge! And New Years is a holiday! So... you see? Well, read the story and you will. Also, get firmed daily and if you haven't lounged about yet, well... why not? There's a magic moment in the lounge, even as we speak!

[UPDATE THE LAST! maybe] About Nezua's computer... it seems that the problem it's having is one that that model is known to have, so they are going to fix it for free! Hopefully. Yay! He's still not back yet, but did manage to sign on from another computer briefly, and has left us a diary entry (actual diary type, recording various thoughts, not article type scoop diary) and a story that just wants to make you go grrrr.

ILJ is taking a satirical look inside John McCain's brain! Gotta laugh, cuz otherwise it's scary in there!

Deano's back! And in the purple! Here is your chance to be an art critic, so toodle on over and critique!

All done! I think... some haven't updated, but if I've forgotten anyone, let me know!

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