Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Early Ballots - Did I Miss Something Here?

Something's wrong:
At St. Francis de Sales, 1375 S. Camino Seco, voters had to negotiate through a pile of garbage to vote.

"It was stinking, messy. It was disgusting," said voter Becky Howard.

Howard also complained that she was forced to use a provisional ballot, which won't be counted for days. She had requested a mail-in ballot, but had not sent it in. Even though she had it with her, she had to vote provisionally.

"I found that whole part of the process unsatisfying because I wanted my vote to count today," she said.

linkage (emphasis mine)
Becky Howard should NOT have had to fill out a provisional ballot. You are allowed to turn in your Early Ballot to your polling location on Election Day if you didn't mail it in prior to the deadline (which was last Friday).

If anyone is met with this type of situation, call one of these numbers immediately and report those poll workers. It's not the correct procedure.
Questions or problems:
l Contact the secretary of state's help line: 1-877-THE-VOTE.
l County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez recommends calling her office if voters have problems at the polls. The voter information line is 740-4330.
l Questions about voter IDs should be directed toward the Pima County Division of Elections: 740-4260.
[UPDATE] I just got off the phone with Pima County Division of Elections and confirmed that you are allowed to drop off your Early Ballots at ANY polling location in Pima County on Election Day if you didn't get a chance to mail it. They also took down the information regarding the precinct mentioned in the Tucson Citizen article above and will make sure they are clear on the procedure.

'Tis going to be a long day!

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