Sunday, November 05, 2006

Revolución In Oaxaca On Sunday

My heart is with the people who are fighting for dignity and against the global power structure that ensures there is a permanent underclass by inhumane policies of economics, racial protections and electoral reform. Az Indymedia has the following report from the past week:
17:48 A report from Oaxaca states that thousands of people arriving
> at the University of Oaxaca, coming in solidaity with blanket and
> food, yelling "We're are not APPO, we are the people of Oaxaca. There
> is a long tradition in Oaxaca called tequio: which means to say mutal
> support, collectiveness, and community, which is done for the common
> good. The is a massive tequio that is on its way to the University of
> Oaxaca.
A wave of humanity is about to descend on the city. There is bound to be violence as the police have continually used brute force to make the protesters 'stand down'. They are learning, however, that they are fighting against an unbeatable spirit of comunidad y dignidad. Even the AssPress is covering the revolución in typical winger language.
Rickety buses and cars carrying leftists from across Mexico rolled into Oaxaca's university Saturday to join protesters preparing for a massive march to confront police.

Demonstrators plan to march Sunday from the university to police encampments in the center of the city as part of their five-month protest to oust the state's governor.

It's easy to get on the bandwagon and denounce those marching and rallying as rabble-rousers and uppity "leftists"- but understand that this is a struggle that has been waged for centuries as Mexico has not dealt well with the culture and racism imported to them by the Spanish conquistadors. Native Mexicanos, los indios, are generally treated like mierda by the mestizo majority. The tension that has been building for centuries is crescendoing again, this time in Oaxaca. But I think this gentleman sums it very well:
"We are on maximum alert," said Guillermo Contreras, a teacher and protest supporter. "We will fight their weapons with our spirit and dignity."

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