Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Tour - w00t! A Clean Sweep Edition!

What a week! An election that brought a world-wide sigh of relief, it seems. Might be a tad premature, considering, but there is no doubt that now is better than then!

And what better way to celebrate than to um... well, do what we do every Sunday anyway, and look at what everyone else is up to! Elections have in no way cured our nosiness!

Olivia has one of my mom's antique brooches! Or, at least it looks like one to me, only Olivia says it's really a flower... a fuschia. We'll let her keep thinking that. Also, if you've ever wondered what color delphinium blue was... well, now you know! And free as a bird...

Is there a better place to meta than at Mo Betta META!? If so, we don't know where it is. Right now, catnip is wondering about lots of stuff! Like, What is 'progressive' politics anyway? That's what I want to know! Also, who's pie hole should really be shut?

Janet has reminders of things not to forget once the partying dies down. We still have a long way to go, and she has some pointers of things that need to be done to get there. With pictures!

[UPDATE] Wow! Close call! Family Mom could have been known as Ambling Mom the other night! Luckily, she's okay, but the medication? It's outta there! And not only does Family Man now have an excellent Slackerly Manifesto (read it only when you are ready to get in touch with your Inner Napdom), but now he also has the perfect mascot! It sleeps 19 hours a day... and it's not a cat!

A third person speaking roo has been spied in the comments so we are making a trek over to see what's hopping at skippys! Veterans Day, characteristically generous pointers to other great sites and much more! Start at the top and scroll down! scroll down!

Original James has the Iraq debacle week in review and also points to the memorial being held for Malachi Ritscher, a fixture in the Chicago jazz scene who passed away earlier this month, this Sunday. Also, Fallujah as the US's Guernica? At the very least, I think. And over at Jazzy James', found treasures this week include Milford Graves and Don Pullen: Nommo and Charles Bobo Shaw and Lester Bowie: Bugle Boy Bop. Remember, you can download this music!

Nezua has the perfect Project for a New American Sitcom! I'm sure we'd all be happy to help write this script. Also,
More to come! Don't forget to shift+refresh/reload your browser to see the new content. Also, she's hateful and unlovely ... is there a reason? He wonders who hurt this poor woman.

[UPDATE AGAIN!] Boran realized how much we missed our cool car, so guess what!? He's put one in the new painting! Okay, so many that's not why it's there, but still... there 'tis! Also, giving 'em the boot... and a well deserved rest.

Arcturus is back! With a brief report on Richard Thompson and his performance at a San Francisco bluegrass festival! Who knew?

ILJ has another podcast interview, this time with Peter Barnes, who apparently wants to redeem capitalism! I have not read it, - the part I glanced over sounded interesting, but don't worry! I'm still a commie pinko socialist!

[UPDATE THE LAST!] Deano has a lifeline! No, he's not been on Millionaire (that I know of), but I think that's what the painting's title says! Something like that, anyway. Regardless, you should go look!

katiebird is being firmed daily still (5 miles and more walks!), but she also knows that a healthy self body image is a needed thing! No Kate Mosses! So there. Oh, and don't forget to lounge about! Still no massage beds, but lots of music, books and puzzles and stuff!

Lost and Found... a catnip Sunday Food for Thought that many of us might recognize! Also, she asks, " What's more important? Football profits or children?", which tells you right there she's never been a USian! Just a short trip through Texas would answer that question. Actually... reading the story, Florida hotels did something similar... only it was the Katrina victims who were displaced. However! I think she is speaking of soccerfootball, in which case the answer would likely be completely different.

Our Manny has lots of stuff on here, if you can make it past Bud's imploring eyes and the chocolate turtle cheesecake (hmmm... do you think one has something to do with the other?). Anyway, scroll down! scroll down!

[UPDATE THE DAY AFTER!] supersoling's here! And he has a beautiful and haunting remembrance piece, looking back with adult eyes at cruelties (that didn't seem so, then) just taken for granted in times past. Go read!

All done! If I have forgotten anyone, let me know!

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